Anyone here play Runescape?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by 2girls1dave, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. Used to play alot a few years ago and was pretty into it, started playing again recently when i'm blazed and have nothing to do... actually is pretty fun lol. I never used to tell people I played and was always so ashamed of it, but now who cares lol...

    So do any of you play RS / used to play?
  2. i used to a couple years back but i may check it out and see how it is now since i have some free time now that its summer and got nothing to do
  3. i play but i think theres already a couple threads haha
  4. I started within days of the original launch of RSC, I think January 2001. Played it as my main game 'til about 2005. Played off and on since I started FPS's. I was even a forum mod for a few years.

    A few months back I went on a RS spree to get 99 Attack since I figured for having well over 150 days worth of play on it, I should get at least one 99... I wouldn't consider myself a RS player anymore and only log on on a whim these days. Nice to chat with old friends once in awhile, but really I just like to admire my Bunny Ears and Scythe that so few current players have :rolleyes:
  5. Ya I will log on sometimes

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