Anyone here play Mass Effect or Dragon Age?

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  1. Is anyone here a fan of any of the Bioware RPGs? I'm mostly talking about Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Dragon Age: Origins. But their older games like Baldur's Gate or Knights of the Old Republic are wicked cool as well.

    -- Jim
  2. Mass Effect is my favorite game of all time. ME2 is a close second and DA:O is pretty amazing as well but Ive yet to beat it.
  3. I played dragon age and i beat it, really awesome game.
    Ive yet to play ME2 but i was thinking of buying it soon, is it really good?
  4. I played it and enjoy it its no Oblivion though any one pumped for read dead redemption?
  5. Yeah its amazing, the character development is fantastic. Play ME1 first though if you havent.
  6. No way man. I am a huge Elder Scrolls fan but Mass Effect is so much better.
  7. i think that oblivion is better cause there is a lot of quest custom powers make your own spells shit even forge your own wepons XD there is a lot more to oblivion. But mef2 is in second place and might take oblivion down.
  8. I'm all about Bioware games. Mass Effect 1 and 2, KotOR, Neverwinter Nights, Dragon Age, and now they're working on the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO. Which I'm highly anticipating. I have complete faith in Bioware.
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    ME2 is my 2nd favorite game of all time (behind oblivion). I just finished my first playthrough yesterday. Ending was totally sweet. ME2 manages to really attach you to the characters. It's terrible when (if) any of them die during the final mission.

    Im not very far into my first run of Dragon Age, but what I have played is awesome. Thinking about it I should really get back to work on DA

    Neverwinter nights was gnarly back in the day.

    Bioware hardly ever lets me down
  10. ME 2 is such a polished game and such a great story. I do agree with what people are saying with Oblivion..but comparing ME 2 and Oblivion is like apples and oranges. Theyre both fruit but different types and flavors. Dragon Age i thought was a solid game and crazy fun to play.
  11. Mass Effect 2 is so epicly fun and entertaining! Wish they didn't slack as much in the RPG elements though.
  12. I am enjoying Dragon Age much more than I did Mass Effect. I'm only about 10 hours into Dragon Age though, so it's possible that it might not hold up. But I think Mass Effect, while a good game, was vastly overrated.

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