anyone here play cs?

Discussion in 'General' started by brian8472, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. counter-strike , anyone play it here? i have for 5 years since some of its first incarnations i suck compared to most clan servers i play online with, maby its cause im not leet but i do get my kills and have my fun, my record is usually 12/15 or 8/11 pretty close togather :p and my favorite gun is the colt m4a1 carbine :D anyone else care to share o_O
  2. colt. ha. 50 cal all the way :) I play it time to time. People are just too good at that game..
  3. no,but the original half life is a great game :)
  4. I love Counter-Strike, I play in CAL-IM myself. :)

    It's a good game, but can piss you off very fast, hehe.
  5. yee i play
  6. I used to.. i was really good too. Was in some great clans, and had lots of fun. I used to cheat in the 1.3 versions just for some shits and giggles. I wasn't in a clan at the time, and cs was getting kinda boring, but eventually i got caught and blacklisted. I bought a new copy of half life and didnt cheat anymore, haha... I stopped playing after i moved to atlanta. I just kinda lost intrest in video games.. dont know what happend...
  7. i used to play it all the time...just recently quit the game though cuz of steam....i was cal-m w/ team atr...ill keep playing 1.5, but 1.6 ruined cs as far as im concerned
  8. I played the Betas (which in my opinion was a lot better)...version 1.0 wasn't so bad either, but after that thing went down the shitter...
  9. heres one of my best scores!! there was more people but I wiped it out lol


    ive been playin since 1.0.. the game is kinda boring now.. i only play it like once a week

    and did I mention.. in 1.3 I used cheats VS cheats, I never liked using cheats against non cheaters although it was pretty funny to see there reaction
  10. I recently started playing it on the net. Then my room mate bought it for x-box the day it came out and I've been playing it on that ever since. The M4 isn't a bad gun. I like the Bullpup or the 552 for my rifle. The Desert Eagle is my pistol of choice. It's not the most accurate unless you crouch, but it packs a serious punch.
  11. I sometimes play. It's usually when I have company over. We smoke a little, and take turns. It's good for that because sometimes the rounds can take forever because of camping bastards.
  12. DE sucks. you cant hit the side of a barn with that fucker.
    I usually like the M4 but sometimes its nessisary for the mahine gun

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