Anyone Here OVERCOME Derealization/Depersonalization?

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  1. If I just hear one or many people on here have overcome it, I will feel so much more confident in my struggle. I really just want it to be gone and over with, for the fact that I CANNOT SMOKE, its impossible for me to enjoy it cause it just furthur increases the DP/DR to a level where I freak out and bug out, and I cannot deal with it, it really scares me. I just really wanna be back to normal so I can smoke and enjoy life as it used to be, its not much different now, but I dont hang out with people as much and its harder for me to talk a lot and things such as that. I know people on here have DP/DR Im just hoping someone has overcome it on here.

    PLEASE DO NOT SAY HOW LONG YOUVE HAD IT FOR, If its been a long time, no one wants to read and think ' i could be like this for -that period of time-' So please do not as how long uve had it.
  2. For me I just gave up weed. As hard as it sounds I'vs realised that weed is no longer for me so I threw in the towel. I use to think T breaks would help but it never did.

    Whenever I smoked it was such a messed up experience. I felt like I was watching my body function and I had no control ovver it. I was a spectator at my own show, almost zombie like.
  3. Was this a choice to just give up weed? Or are you suffering from DP/DR.

    What I would give just to be able to enjoy fine danks again..

  4. I only experienced it while high. As for you being able to enjoy danks, try it and see
  5. I overcame it, I know how you feel dude, when I had derealization I couldn't smoke, I had it for only about a month but I couldn't smoke cause of it, you should look up a book called the panic away program, just look that up it helps with that. It took me a long time to get back to smoking but it's possible, I started off smoking like .01 everytime I would just to get over the phsycological fear, then made it .02 then .03 soon I had enough confidence to start smoking normal amounts and it was intense and freaky but I eventually learned to enjoy the high again, it's possible man, don't let anyone tell you otherwise
  6. overcame it man, shit REALLY sucks, but let your body do it's work, you'll wake up one day feeling back to normal.

    trust me, i know what it feels like and it's scary and makes you hella irritable, it happened to me for over 4 days after a dxm trip, and weed gets me that way too, your best option is just to quit and stay off it, weed just isn't for some people
  7. I overcame it. Took me about a week. Had to be mentally strong and realize this shit will pass and it's all in my head. My friend had it worse I believe, he even took some of these pills you can buy at cvs. We just called them "Happy pills", can't really remember the name right now.

    I tried to keep myself busy even tho I didn't want to do anything what so ever. Didnt want to watch movies, didnt want to listen to music, didnt want to see anyone period. After the 4th day i said fuck it, i need to smoke again.

    I wasn't 100% back to normal and my high helped me again instead of going against me like it was for a whole week. Been smoking for a while now after that happened.
  8. Thanks for the uplifting words guys, I've been going on for a couple months now, just hoping the day will come that I wake up normal again.
  9. hang in there man. i had a bad case of derealization after tripping pretty hard on salvia. even though you said not to post how long anyone's had it i'm going to tell you i had it for probably 2 months. that doesn't mean it will take you that long to snap back though, i've had a close friend that also had it that came around after a week or two.

    my best advice i can give you is to maybe just give up smoking for a while. it might be best just to be in a sober mindset for a while and just give your brain a break from the drugs. you'll eventually be back to normal. just do things you enjoy and keep your mind busy and positive.

    when exactly did you notice the derealization symptoms? it seems like alot of the times it is caused by traumatic experiences.
  10. I had to deal with depersonalization my whole life. Idk why, it comes and goes. I know how you feel. No emotions and all that shit. I found the less you think, the faster you feel normal again. At least for me. It seems like using your brain less and just absolutley blanking out helps me get rid of it. Sleeping doesn't work because you dream when you sleep, therefore you're always using your brain. Idk. Give it a shot. I got over it. I never found advice that worked other than that. Good luck bro
  11. I noticed the feelings the next day, after I had the panic attack, when I woke up and didn't feel right.
  12. derealization / depersonalization is what lead me on the road of anxiety / panic attacks, it pretty much opened a door for a whole new medical condition for me personally cause the first time i ever had a seriously dehibilitating panic attack was when i was derealizaed / disconnected feeling. everything was hazey and when i had the panic attack, i thought i was dying to be honest
  13. Derealization/Depersonalization? uh what do these 2words mean
  14. I sometimes wonder why google even exists anymore.
  15. yea, that shit sucks... for a while i had it pretty bad. small panic attacks all the time(i didnt tell anyone about them and they were small enough that noone else noticed) nothing felt like it was real anymore and i half expected to wake up any second. nothing even felt like it had a point or a purpose.
    id say it takes a LONG time to go away for some, because i still feel it just a little bit sometimes.
    id say just ignore it and go on with your life. do things that you enjoy and dont worry about it. eventually it will fade slowly away. once it does you can decide if you want to go back to mary jane or if shes just not for you.

    but yea, dont get discouraged. it does go away, just takes a while sometimes.
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    I'm in the process of overcoming mine now. I only feel it certain times of the day.

    I got depersonalized from a severe panic attack when I was high. Everything felt like a dream during that high and was so strange.

    Weed isn't for everybody and I'm thinking of giving it up after this depersonalization bullshit...

  17. It just makes no sense though ya know, I smoked for 8 months everyday, then one time it was too much and this happens. Its like mary jane betrayed me..
  18. Yeah it upset me as well. I thought there were no negative side effects from weed.

  19. Its just strange, but at the time I was taking a stimulant, Vyvanse, so that could have also contributed a lot to it as well. THanks for all of the support guys, my head feels really cloudy and stuff seems hazey today but I made it through the day, went snowboarding for a little bit actually :). Trying to get out as much as I can, and feel better. Some day soon I will be joining you all in overcoming this terrible issue!

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