Anyone here on Zoloft?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tenninethousand, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. I was prescribed to Zoloft earlier today for depression and anxiety. Just wondering if anyone else on here is taking it daily, or have before. If so, describe the overall feeling...or noticeable side effects.

    The past anti-depressants i've been on decreased my sex drive and made me pretty tired all of the you think it'd pretty likely I'll experience this on Zoloft?

    & Last question, can you smoke/trip shrooms while on a low dose of Zoloft?

    And to everyone who's going to say, "don't take medication, stick to the herb" me I've tried. I just need to try something new

  2. Do not look for these answers on the internet.

    Speak to a medical doctor or a clinical pharmacist. Prescribed SSRI medication is not something that you should advice about from anybody except an informed and approrpriate medical professional.

    Good luck to you on conquering your anxiety and depression, friend.
  3. well i only took zoloft twice, first 2 small blue ones and the next day 3 but idk can't really remember i was high, drunk, and on the zoloft lol, but im guessing it's like xanax, i can't really remember what happend lmao
  4. nah it's not like xanax it's an SSRI

  5. [​IMG]

    Zoloft takes longer than mere days to take effect, and is NOTHING like Xanax, which is an anti-anxiety pill.
  6. This is a great example of why you shouldn't take critical medical advice from the internet.

    Zoflot is known as an SSRI drug, which has very specific long-term methods of pharmokenesis in the human brain.

    Xanax on the other hand is another class of drug altogether, and works in a completely different way.

    For the record, there is no recreational value in Zoloft, and you're more likely to trigger a bad reaction than to get high.
  7. lol my bad guys, disregard the last reply i posted, i was really messed up, i was just guessing what it was lol, and yeah i fail haha
  8. Well just wondering, has anyone else tried Zoloft for anxiety or depression? If so, list your noticeable side effects.
  9. I was prescribed Zoloft when I was 15. It gave me really stinky (but silent) farts... So everywhere I went kinda smelled like shit, but no one could really pin it on me 'cause they didn't hear it, lol.

    Other than that they made me feel kinda numb, and spacey. Almost zombie-like. I didn't like them so I stopped taking them, and have since learned how to manage my depression/anxiety myself through meditation, the herb, and various herbal supplements.
  10. i've been on 100mg dose of zoloft per day for about since the end of summer 2008 and i can tell you right now you won't feel the effects for at least a few weeks maybe a month or so. I've always had pretty bad anxiety my whole life and it really never hit me till my senior year of high school. That year things got pretty bad, i didnt get into the college i wanted to and i was smoking weed everyday, not that thats bad its just not good when you're anxious or depressed it just makes things worse, for me at least im sure many will disagree with this.
    I tripped on shrooms twice before zoloft and the first trip was really really good, but i made the mistake of doing them again a week later and had the worst time of my life. I think thats what triggered my depression and heightened my anxiety. that was spring break last year and i dealt with everything for the rest of the school year, i hated that damn school too so that might have contributed to my situation. I finally told my parents in the summer what was going on and went to the psychiatrist. I started on a low dose of 25mg/day, quit smoking, that alone can really help if you haven't tried it already, and quickly moved up to 100mg/day in about three weeks, because my doc wanted to get me on the full dose before i left for college. He also gave me a prescription for clonopin to ease my anxiety until the zoloft takes effect.

    I've been on the zoft for about 6 or 7 months and it has really helped me conquer my anxiety and depression. I started smoking again after a 2-3 month hiatus and still feel 100x better than i did 9 months ago. I've done shrooms again too while on zoloft and had a really good trip. I was scared to death to them cuz i thought i'd sink back into the hole i was trying to get out of, but thinking about that kinda shit on shrooms is what makes you have a bad trip.

    I hope this can help you in some way, just trust that the zoloft will do its job, it just takes time and patience, a lot of it.

  11. I took it, didn't agree with me. So I went on Remeron. Best Anti-Depressant I've ever used.
  12. Don't know much about Zoloft, but don't snort it thats for sure lol.
  13. i've been taking zoloft since i was about 9 years old. that being said, i can't really tell you what the side effects are like because i'm so used to it.

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