anyone here missing someone they cant see?

Discussion in 'General' started by FurlongStreet, May 24, 2006.

  1. Like me? wanna talk about it?
  2. haha not at the moment... but its a bitch when it happens. I try to keep everyone i know close lol.

    if you ever need to talk about anything though man wedreamtosee

    welcome to the city
  3. yes, stacy, bad lol. i really miss her. but dont have contact with her much anymore.
  4. Im kinda missing someone. We had a big fight, Shes suppost to come over and wake me up tomorrow. I'll be happy to see her again.
  5. My dog. She's upstairs, but I'm too lazy to go up there.
  6. Teach her to come when called. Bliss.
  7. There's alot of people that didn't make it as far as they should have.

    Miss them everyday.
  8. My ex....her parents hate me and we're on a long break until she turns 18 and she's with another dude at the moment. Basically at this point I've stop giving a shit but I deep down still love her.
  9. im kindof in teh same situation. man. i hate life
  10. I dont enjoy yelling extremely loud

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