anyone here live in seattle?

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  1. I live in southern california right now..i LOVE it, im close to beaches, lakes, mountains and everything in between. & that is perfect for me because i LOVE outdoor sports..snowboarding,surfing,bodyboarding,longboarding,hiking, etc. But the problem with that is i currently live under my parents' roof. My dad has a very well paying job and has worked his way up to get a million dollar house..not on the beach but really close to it in a nice, friendly town.
    Im a senior in high school and when i graduate im not sure what ill be doing. (military and junior college are my options) all i know is i am moving out, i wont have any money pretty much so where ever i live it wont be southern california :(
    I have been looking around and i have heard from numerous people that seattle is a great place to live. Ive visited there only once for a day and from what i can remember i loved it. I am just wondering on how seattle is for outdoor sports? Is there any good lakes aorund the city or a good little drive away? mountains for snowboarding? etc. Basically how is it OUTSIDE of the city ( not too far outside just a couple hours away) also, how is it in the city aswell? any advice or knowledge you can give me would be great, thanks blades

    Also, is there anywhere for kayaking around seattle or in washington? white water kayaking not just lakes
  2. The traffic is terrible.
  3. nothing compared to southern california I-5 traffic..
  4. seattle is great or at least outside of seattle i live over the water out by bremerton and its a easy ride into the city. plus cheaper then living in the city. but i love it here you have ocean close by,the desert over the mountains, rainforest on pennisula, islands lakes and mass rivers, all kinds of sports. i have lived for awhile in cali and to me peaple in washington aere much nicer but remember seattle weather is wet so expect lots of rain lots of the year and in mountains about a hour away is all the snow sports.but in seattle the traffic does suck. get outside of the big citys no problem. ohh tacoma has a aroma too from the puyallup river.
  5. thanks for sharing. Is the snowboarding good in the mountains? Park-wise
  6. my kids tell me it is.they go alot when snow hits
  7. lol it snows like once a year here, if even.

    Seattle is cool. The only downside is that it rains from October - May

    This is probably one of the best places to live for any outdoor activity. Kayaking, snowboarding, fishing, etc....

    Plus we have fucking dank for cheap.
  8. in the mountain usually snow last a long time down below in seattle and surrounding areas he is right about once a year. and we do have the best dank
  9. Seattle is the place to be man. Look up snoqualmie and crystal mountain. Fucking beautiful. The pacific northwest is the best place to be if your a nature lover.
  10. oh yea, and the weed is Chronic. I get quarters of DANK for 60. There is never a demand for good weed around here, thats why.
  11. Just moved back to Montana after 9 years in and around Seattle. As a snowboard, it's pretty badass. Skip Crystal though, thats the yuppie mountain that stays icy half the season. I'd suggest Stevens. Always a blast, always tons of powder and if you run out of green, it'd take no more than 2 minutes to find on 2 way radio channel 4.20.

    As for living and traffic, not cheap and fucked up. I drove big trucks the last several years and between 6am-10am and 3pm-7pm, most freeways are jammed.

    As for the weed, a shop on just about every corner. I'd suggest a stay there for anyone that has never been. Only stay for a small while, Seattle is due for its next earthquake.
  12. Where are you getting 60$ quarters in seattle?
  13. washington has the best snowboarding. mt baker, stevens, and crystal will be ur home mountain choices. u can hike mt bike etc anywhere in the area, surfing is gonna be wet suit status out on the coast, a 3+ hour drive.
  14. I'm a native Seattlite, but I moved early on in life, but I tend to visit often. As others said, Snowboarding is great, and if you like hunting or fishing by any chance, it's also great. Taking a small road trip in the mountains itself is amazing. We are the "Evergreen" state, and not even surprisingly enough, WA state is probably the number 1 state for clean environment. If I'm correct, I believe Seattle got number 1 multiple times for its clean air/environment.

  15. Where are you getting your info? Seattle is dirty as hell most of the time. All you have to do is google "cleanest cities/states" and see for yourself. 20 years ago, it was clean, now, not so much. It's another one of the reasons we recently moved back to Montana. Don't get me wrong, Seattle/Washington is a great place to visit and explore but it is in a state of rapid decline. Also, the next earthquake is going to fuck that town up.

  16. Trust me, you want to see dirty? Go to some places in NYC. LA by far hands down is the dirtiest place. Seattle is clean compared to the other major cities.

  17. Compare all you want, Seattle/Washington is not one of the cleaner cities. If you want to live in the northwest, stick with Portland or Idaho or Montana.
  18. Seattle kicks ass. It's rainy and parts of it are kinda sketchy but it's definitely very livable. There's always something to do outdoors, the weed is amazing, and we have Pho out the ass.
  19. Don't move to Seattle, move near Seattle. Living in Seattle will cause you to hate it.

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