anyone here like playing sports alot?

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  2. Fo sho man, I play basketball with friends and roommates maybe weekly and I always go shoot hoops on my own time. It's like meditation. Also goes really well with blazing :smoking:

    There was an anti-drug commercial in the past where a young black urban kid is like, "Nah, I don't smoke weed, I smoke fools like you on the bball court." They totally got it wrong with that, haha
  3. hell yeah i play basketball atleast once a week and atleast every other night in the summer, its fun as fuck when you start getting good. i like to play football too but most of my friends prefer basketball and unfortunately i can't play football by myself lol.
  4. Drinking beers a sport where i come from and fuck i like that.
  5. Soccer 3x a week, Bball 2x a week, lift weights 4x a week. 1 day off a week yes double days.

    Played college soccer, but wasn't a toker back then. Now I'm a daily toker, and actually in better shape in every way lol. I might go out for the NCAA team at my current school, talking to the coach and players I know its not about ability or fitness, I have both - trying to get cleared by the NCAA clearing house since I played my first season at age 16 in 2007 at my previous college. I then sat out 2 years due to injury and never played again.
  6. At my school i do wrestling, cross country, and track. Aside from that i like to skateboard lift weights daily, swim.... Good to know we got some active blades here. Way to prove the lazy stoner statistic wrong
  7. Hell yeah i play ultimate frisbee for my school and then im on a hockey team outside of school. I play basketball and football with my friends a bunch as well.
  8. Hit the ice three times a week, and i will until my back hand toe drag will go bar down on Lundqvist.

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