anyone here into the philly music scene? your fun is at risk.

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  1. no matter what you're into, this is a major problem for any scene in philly, a landmark for live music. i posted this here because i figured it would get more views, as this is what i feel is an important issue, but if you mods wanna move it, i wont mind haha.

    Against Bill 100267

    sign this shit, they're trying to make it so promotors have to go through a ton of bullshit to get shows.

    "This Petition is to stop Philadelphia Law Makers from requiring Venues and Promoters to submit applications 30 days in advance to the Chief of Police proving entertainment licenses, contracts between promoter and venue, liquor licenses and security plans before EVERY show scheduled.
    This new law would put hundreds of DIY promoters out of business and prevent music shows from happening in our city.
    This new law is extreme, unwarranted, and unjustified.

    If you care about local music in Philadelphia, sign the petition below which will be submitted to Philadelphia Lawmakers.

    You can read the bill here:

    Philadelphia "Promoter" Bill - Petition Spot


  2. Here's my take...

    Philly loves to party. LOVES it. The legit event organizers won't have a problem with booking events a month in advance, and providing all the necessary licenses... And the underground (ie, the GOOD) events will just go further underground.

    They can't stop the music scene in Philly. Philly has some of the best night life in the country (if not THE best)... And it's not goin anywhere... No matter what laws are passed... :hello:
  3. i dont want it to go MORE underground, i dont want shows moved from the barbary to a basement, i go to enough basement shows. i dont want these assholes making another law just for the sake of it. i will be very .. disappointed if people just dont even question this. everyone should sign the petition man.
  4. Underground event organizers don't have those permits (and technically shouldn't be throwing shows without them, already)... So not much is going to change in the underground scene, unless the cops really start cracking down - which will just make them move to different venues, and be more careful about who gets invited. But they already have to be careful, because they're already breaking current laws by not having those permits.

    All of the legitimate event organizers already have these permits, so it will not be a big deal for them to have to fax over a copy a month prior to the event.

    It's not quite the catastrophe it seems.
  5. i want to help, but im super stoned, what do i gotta do??

  6. sign the petition! dont let them do whatever they want. the underground music scene will be greatly affected by this.
  7. ok ok i got uuuu doin it now

  8. ...Not really.

    I was pretty involved in the underground music scene in Philly. It's not goin anywhere, dude. Don't sweat it. It's PHILLY. They do whatever they fuck they want, lol. And the cops don't care for the most part. The only ones you really gotta worry about are ATF, and that's only if they're servin alcohol.

    I know from experience. If it does pass, it's not going to be the catastrophe you're thinking it is.
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    i think we're into slightly different scenes. the promoters were the ones who posted the petition.

    no last minute shows? thats a pretty big thing in the punk scene. shows can be booked and promoted within a fucking day, ive heard of bands coming through completely unannounced playing the barbary or kungfu necktie, not anymore. might not be a problem to you, but im sick of everything being wrapped in red tape, needing fucking permits. not only that, but holding the promoter accountable for the crowd? this is every promoters nightmare! especially diy punk promoters. detailed security plans, they need to have business privilege license numbers? fucking none of the promoters i know have that.

    fuck bureaucracy
  10. I was pretty involved in the rave scene, but also metal/hardcore scene as well... But I lived in/around Philly for almost my entire life... And I know Philly, man. Most of the real underground shit is SO illegal, currently... And the cops barely do shit... That really depends on where at in Philly you are, too..

    I know my city, man. The underground music scene in Philly will never die. Philadelphians love their music, so no matter how hard the law pushes down on them - They're gonna keep doin their thing.

    If the underground people stop throwin shows... Just because they have to file for some permits, and provide proof that the venue owners are allowing the show... Then they're just bein lazy. You only need liquor licenses if you're serving alcohol... So make it BYOB, and card people. It's not really that bad, man.

  11. i just edited my other post, but the problem here is this law is going to PUSH the cops TO crack down. they will actually care now. they already downed most houses in philly (rip disgraceland and terrordome). im sick of being confined by these dicks, i dont want every show to be at the fucking troc or some garbage place with security and guardrails.

    its not going to die, no, but bands arent going to want to come around thinking the cops could bust the fuck in and shut shit down. hell, there are bands in philly who ONLY play basement/house shows. they'll be completely fucked. this has never been a damn issue, and it shouldnt be now. these fucking suits dont know anythin about this shit. they have no idea the impact it has on people who live the scene, go to every show that comes around.

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