Anyone here have experience with guano's?

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  1. I wanna do an experimental grow with just tea's. I'm going to do Bat and Seabird Guanos, Worm Castings, Humic and Fulvic Acid tea's. I've brewed tea before with compost and I know that a good healthy tea should smell sweet! But I've never used guano's before. Is there a smell that comes with them knowing what they are? Is there a smell with the bag being opened? Whats the smell brewed after 2 days and if thats the base fertilizer for your plants (guano tea) is there a smell in the area of the pot.
  2. I fed through teas last season and had great results. In early veg I used just worm castings and molasses. Once they got bigger I started feeding kelp, alfalfa, ewc and molasses. And during flowering I added guano as well.

    The teas with kelp and guano after they brewed for a day or two were really smelly. Smelled a lot like puke. This season I'm not letting my teas brew quite as long. Any amendments left from making the teas can be spread on as a top dressing too.
  3. I wouldn't recommend using dry bat or bird guano for teas. It just made a hard to clean mess for me.
  4. Yeah anything dry, I plan on bagging and letting it sit up top like a big tea bag. But you guys are saying the guano's smell?

    I used to use the Malibu's Compost - small size 5g tea bags. And I'll tell you what. They always smelled so good and sweet.

    This stuff:

    Fantastic! And I'm very excited to just discover I can get it online. I used to get it at my local garden center out in california. Highly recommend it!
  5. I dont think it smells too bad and all i could smell was the molasses anyways
  6. And thats the guano your talking about?
  7. Yea it wont stink up the house or anything or make ur room smell

  8. I've heard great things about Bu's Blend compost too.

    I didn't even think about tea bags, as I don't have one. :rolleyes:

    Thanks for that link.
  9. My tea always has a "smell" to it, but not very strong or overpowering. If the tea stinks really bad like garbage or something you probably just brewed some bad stuff.

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