Anyone here have a Transplant?

Discussion in 'General' started by punkyworld, Apr 12, 2003.

  1. I have to write a research paper for school about someone who has had some type of transplant, be it lung, heart, etc, etc.. SO, if somone who has had this type of procedure please tell me about it.. thank you.. peace
  2. bump.. still need an answer..
  3. does teeth count? not strictly a tranceplant, since the replacement is non-organic.

    have had my spleen removed tho'.
  4. nope...... sorry! hope u get a good start on your paper!:) smile!
  5. *growels*

    I'm gonna smoke a bowl and copy the encyclopedia.........
  6. oh, i'm shure there is a lot of info on this subject on the net somewhere. if you just copy the 'peadia it'll be one of history's shortest school projects...

    whoa... just found the motherlode, enter google and type in "transplants personal story" without the quotation marks. good luck on your project.
  7. only thing not mine in me is a plate and some screws! I had to get my ankle peirced last may. bones are for wussies, metal is the way to go. one less bone I have to worry about breaking in the future :)
  8. i heard of some guy who had a face transplant from a baboon

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