anyone here from wisconsin?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Rotten_Apple, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. hey so i live in wisconsin. im originally from illinois. anyways. ive been out here for a good 8 months or so and i have yet to find anyone who smokes. i work a shitload so barely go out. so i thought id come on here again and ask if anyone smokes in or around the juneau county area.
  2. I am. ha. where u live in WI?
  3. necedah. its about a half hour away from tomah
  4. Ah im from the oshkosh area.
  5. Wanna compare prices? I like to see who gets better deals.
  6. well i just got a half zone for 240. but i could get it for 180 in chicago
  7. Dank? Cuz i get 8ths of dank for 40 which means i could get a half for 120
  8. yea i usually get dank. where do you get it at those prices?
  9. Well i can get 8ths of dank for 40 but instead i buy 8ths of schwag for $20. I live with rents and it smells a lot less so thats a plus. I just would rather burn though $20 in weed a week instead of 40
  10. ha i usually smoke a qt oz in a week, nowadays at least. i cant really afford that much pretty soon
  11. I just bought a half 8th of dank for 30. Damn...not happy
  12. Im from waukesha. we get 30/60/110/180 here
  13. Aren't there any local bars that you can go to over there? Might be able to meet some smoking buddies in there.
  14. 30 for an 8th of dank?
  15. this guy is from wisco. halfway between madtown and miltown :D
  16. I'm from there too, but 25/50/100 for me, and it's usually damn good. Had some Afgoo a few weeks back, and some Headband before that. Was cheaper in the past through one of my other guys, but he's moved somewhere else now.
  17. out here, i pay 160-170 for a half o of some real good name brand. 150 for good dan.
  18. i can get a half o for 150 but thats a special price for me. normally its anywhere from 180 to 240. Im in the appleton area
  19. I hear they get good green up there in Appleton for cheap, buddy of mine used to get qp's for 800 up there.

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