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Anyone here from new jersey

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by FrankieC37, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. im from middlesex county 732, let me know if any of u are
  2. Up near Monmouth 732

  3. wordd i know people from monmouth U. ..You go there ?
  4. Nahh I don't go there
  5. haha gotta give you props for trying frankie

  6. monmouth. what town?

  7. Im in monmouth county too. which town?
  8. Manalapan wbu
  9. i always wonder why people want to know, of course there are this is one of the biggest weed boards on the net:hello:

  10. lol yeah man too many haters on that other thread, tired of cursing them out

  11. monmouth university i mean...and im from edison, thats middlesex county but i know a few people that have graduated from manalapan lol you might know him since they won states, names jake winston ?

  12. that comment i wrote to that other guy goes to you to
  13. Doesn't ring a bell

  14. your probably before our time, he graduated from that high school 2 years ago, we're now sophomores in college

  15. Same here. I'm always looking for people to buy from/smoke with. I feel I've hit a dry patch in my life and it's very saddening.
  16. It's a Jersey thing! Who's seen that on South Park? hahaha
  17. yooo fords here. 732

  18. yo! this motherfucker ain't one of us!

    he said he'd fuck a sheep!
  19. What up fellas, I'm from north jersey and my dealer is no where to be found.. anyone got hook ups over here?

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