anyone here from Amsterdam ?

Discussion in 'General' started by HelloFriend, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Hi. I am planning to go to Amsterdam this summer, but I thought it would be cheaper, if I could find an actual person from Amsterdam , who is willing to offer me and my buddy a place to stay.... because hotels are pretty expensive, could buy shitloads of weed from amsterdam with that money.... we are very friendly and humorous persons and we are both 21....
    and even if here is no one from Amsterdam, have u got any suggestions for finding persons from there, to discusss it with em ? I have been thinking of joining some netherlands chatroom and look from there..
  2. wow good luck wit that. however i would suggest checking out the flying pig hostel. lots of cool ppl there, u can blaze in their lobby, location is central and over night is like 25-30 euros
  3. haha I live in holland but not in amsterdam I live near rotterdam and my place is one bedroom and small as fuck haha wish I could help ya, I could ask some friends of mine in rotterdam that have bigger places but idk if they would want to I'll ask 4 ya tho :smoking:
  4. I understand , no problem :D
  5. I know I'm not answering your question but how much $ is needed for a trip to amsterdam in general? From US.
  6. Not sure.
  7. holy shit i would not let this guy sleep in my house
  8. Haha, no shit right?
  9. what are you talking about ? You dont even know me, and you are already saying you wouldnt let me sleep at your house ? might aswell just say, that you dont accept strangers in overall, not just me. wow man. wow.
  10. Check out couch surfing, an online tool used for backpacking!
  11. that's pretty much why. and why would i say that? we're talking about you, not anyone else. so yes i said you. just you. ;) chill out mush

  12. I don't really mind that I don't know him, if my place were bigger I would let him. Meeting new people is the shit haha :D

  13. What do you mean by saying "that is pretty much why" ? You trying to be a smart ass or what? Well I dont even know how can one person talk about someone, who he even doesnt know. Sorry mushie, but u dont make sense at all....

  14. mhm, I didnt expect anything else. Just proves that we have another troll on this forum.
  15. But yeah, just wanna say that I didnt come here to fight thezool, so I dont know whats your problem. This is a forum for nice and cool people, we are all about positive vibrations, and you can keep your negative vibes to yourself, thank you.
  16. i'm not being negative bro, no need to get lary.
  17. You ARE being a punk ass though. The dude is just asking a question and youre being a pube collector.

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