Anyone here addicted to Diablo 2?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dying Giraffe, Mar 26, 2003.


Have you been addicted to Diablo 2?

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  3. Never played it, but heard it was really addicting

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  4. Never even heard of it

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  1. Man, I was so addicted.

    If you haven't played it, or haven't played it for long, I'll boil it down for you. You have a character (you pick out of 7 classes). You have skills and items. You kill monsters to gain levels and become stronger. There's some sort of story holding the game together but I can't seem to remember.

    The genius of this game is the gameplay... so simple, and the item dropping system. You can start playing this game and have the basics down in a couple mins. The mindless clicking and killing of monsters makes this the ideal stoner game.

    The items.... O the items. That is where this game turns from passtime to obsession. After you've done everything else, there are still the items. The game turns into kill monsters endlessly until you find that one item you "need". It's a treasure hunt.

    I was addicted to this game from the day it came out in the beginning of 2000. I played for months before starting to get tired of it, then the expansion came out. Playing the expansion was like playing a completely new game and my addiction was renewed. You may laugh, but only other D2 addicts know how real this addiction is. I mean, people would spend hundreds of dollars on items in the game, Items they would never even be able to touch. I spent every free minute I had playing the game. Doing the same thing over and over. It wasn't even that fun, I just felt like I had to play. If I started thinking about it or if someone mentioned it, I would feel a craving to play. They got pretty bad. If I had a craving and couldn't play for some reason I would go on the internet and research to figure out the "perfect build" for my characters. I planned all characters in advance.

    When I was away on vacation, I suffered from withdrawl. SOJs, Meph runs, small charms, Hell cows, zons, sorcs, nightmare rushes, they plagued my thoughts.

    I finally stopped playing during my senior year in high school. I changed my account password one night because I thought someone was trying to hack it (I was so baked). I forgot the password. I lost all my characters due to account inactivity.

    All the countless hours I had spent playing that game had amounted to nothing. A couple years of playing one single game. Instead of being sad or angry, I felt free. I just quit. Stopped playing. It was so easy once that hold had been broken.

    So anyways, over winter break I started playing again out of boredom. I got hooked and when I got to school got more hooked. It didn't help that a couple of my friends were hooked as well. My addiction surged back along with all the cravings and such. Luckily it wasn't nearly as bad as it used to be.

    Then for some reason, the cravings just stopped. I don't know why, I just went for a day without having the urge to play. Then I went another day. And another. Now it's just a normal game again. I am pleased with this. I guess it was just a short relapse. I still play sometimes when i'm baked.

    I was wondering if anyone else here is/was a D2 addict?
  2. I'm not a fan of RPG games, but my friend Nic is addicted to that game...seriously. He doesn't even IM me at night anymore b/c he's always playing that game....he doesn't notice when I IM him either :(
  3. damn, that game was so adictive i love it yo.

  4. it happens... Sometimes I would get pissed at people for interrupting my D2 session by IMing me.

    I was like:

    "jeeze, AIM always makes me die"

    Then i usually came to my senses and had a nice little chuckle.
  5. D2 is an awesome game...i'm not addicted like that but i do love playing
    haven't played in a few weeks though because i'm waiting on a new comp...
  6. i used to play 60+ hours a week, then i quit, then i started again, then quit, then i pbotted and got banned and said bye bye d2
  7. I dont know if i could do 60 hrs a week. Maybe in small doses.....

  8. yep i was really really really addicted. and i know a guy who failed college because of it.

    i've just about managed to break free.... but now V1.10 is finally around the corner and they are sayin it is like a whole new expansion where everything is being updated and changed and re-balanced... i'm never going to get my business plans of the ground.
  9. 1.10 is never going to be released...ever
    it was originally supposed to come out Dec. 15, 2001
  10. grrrr
    I HAD it
    and WAS addicted
    then I let my friend borrow it, bein the nice person I am :p

    and he friggin lost it :((

    sad to say, my fav game is now gone..but atleast I got starcraft
  11. hahaha! starcraft... lol.

    i know its still made by the gods of blizzrd, but it's really no comparison is it stylez.

    lost the best game ever (top five for certain anyway), only to be compensated by perhaps only the 4th - 6th best topdown war strategy game... hardley any compensation is it.

    you have played Total Anihilation havnt you stylez? ...?!??
  12. I used to be, but now I like making games instead of playing them.:)
  13. I hope to god the new patch doesn't make the game like a brand new game.


    O wait... I don't believe in god.


    Now i'm screwed.
  14. yep u screwed giraff....

    it is gonna be some real big changes.

    ladders will have to be reset by the sound of things.... maaaaaybe we mightall loose our characters too!

    hope not.
  15. god, i hate that game.. so fucking pointless

    kill monsters
    get better items
    kill better monsters

    over and over and over again..

    id rather waste my time playing something thats actually fun
  16. heh, if the ladders get reset i'm making a new nova sorc and cowing like a mofo ;)
  17. forget D2 lets talk about some counter-strike, now that shits addicting and not only do you get to kill people but you can kill terriorists that look like iraqi's! how fun is that!
  18. no shit man that game is like a vortex that sucks u in. i stole myself a copy from walmart the day it came out and played it every day for like 6 months. then i got bored and quit. stealing shit from walmart is sooo easy lol...
  19. I heard that counter-strike is so anti-newbie that it is crazy. I played a bunch a couple of years ago, and was usually one of the better guys (I was by no means good, but some people just sucked). One of my friends has recently told me not to try picking it back up because I'd get my ass handed to me and could never get much better. I kind of lost interestin it when they took down the accuracy of your shooting while jumping.

  20. LOL

    I thought those exact things so many times.

    For some reason I continued to play it.

    That is why I called it an addiction.

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