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  1. Hey peeps i got a bit of a problem and i thought that id put it to the forum to decide my fate!

    anyway here goes, i planted a critical+ cutting in the begining of june and it went crazy and turned into a nice sized bush in less than 1 month and then it started budding at the end of june, being a dominant indica i was hoping that she would be finished mid august (45-50 days flowering) but due to the days getting longer she stressed and started growing again, so what should i do the buds on the bottom of the plant are of a decent size with quite a lot of trichs but theres so much leaf there.

    what should i do?
    A moove to higher shaded part of garden and continue feeding normal.
    B buy some sort of advanced nutrients.
    C chop of what buds are there and hope for the best for the rest.
    D chop the whole plant down and use it to make bubble hash.
    E just leave her be and not stress her anymore.

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  2. cover it up somehow a few hours before it actually get dark. that will force it back into flowering. looks like gonna be alot of bud on that girl.. do you know the strain?

  3. Yeah its critical+ from dynafem its actually a cutting of a cutting of a cutting of a cutting, thanks for making me feel a bit better about her but im not holding my hopes up! unfortunatly i dont have that option as im not there every night and im too damn lazy!!!! i could possibly move it to a part of the garden where theres less direct sunlight but i thought about that and decided against because it may just stress her again, i was hoping that theres somesort of advanced nutrients what could help her along! anyway thanks for the feedbk!
  4. looks like you got a N def aswell
  5. We have the same problem here but were just gonna let them finish out. We are still giving them veg nutes instead of flowering nutes and will start flowering nutes when the other plants that are doing normaly start flowering. Veg nutes are usualy a little higher on the nitrogen ratio then flowering nutes so that may help slow down the flowering.
  6. When a plant is in the flowering stage that is normal.

  7. not in the end of july with 15 16 hrs of daylight

  8. nice idea! i do seem to have a Nitrogen deficiency hence the yellowing on the leaves so maybe i should force them bk into veg for a week and start again! think ill cut off th nugs at the bottom cause they smell sooooooo sweet! any experince with th advanced nutrients? got a bottle of big bud today ill upload thoughts and results soon.!
  9. That would be correct under normal growth conditions for this time of year. But for your plants and mine that are in flowering stage which isnt normal for this time of year their going to naturaly consume more nitrogen because of the flowering stage. Keeping the nitrogen nutes around the same ratio numbers used for veg growth with the 15-16 hours of light may help them go back into veg growth untill the days start getitng shorter. Its not a gaurentee that they will go back into veg growth and theres also the chance that they can go hermie. Sofar mine havent hermied and 4 out of 6 show signs of going back into veg growth.
  10. The leaves are turning yellow because you mostlikely switched to a fert with less nitrogen, now the buds are using the nutrients in the leaves.
  11. Looks to good to chop now, wait it out.
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    Well his flowered early so the yellowing of leaves is normal under his circumstance... I would let it go and let nature do what it wants, that's fate.
  13. I'd go with E.
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    Yep E.

    Your plant is going to get ugly for a bit. It will grow single finger leafs for a few week as it reverts. After that it will grow normal again. Should turn out to be one huge bush.

  15. Doesnt matter when it is, if its flowering N def is normal..
  16. wow! great feedback people! thanks alot i havent been feeding her with any nutes at all shes just bin drinking tap water which i fill a large bin and wait a few days for the chlorine to evaporate.
    Ive recently purchased big bud from advanced nutrients and i was wondering if it would help her out it says to use in weeks 2 through to 4 of flowering, or maybe some type of flowering fert.
  17. thats what im thinking!, possibly start her on a weak flowering feed?>??

  18. Letting the water sit isnt going to make the chlorine evaporate btw... If youre concerned about it get a brita filter.
  19. we are getting less hrs of lite now for last 2 months like a min aday that trigers them to bloom also watering with cold water will help them start blooming i have a plant that is 2 weeks from harvist and next week i will be watering it with ice water and keeping it in the dark .for a week to finish it like a cold front in dec .
  20. Brita or tapwater

    The article in the above link says it will evaporate out after a few hours.

    Other, more accurate answers, state that environmental factors and concentration levels affect the determination of how long and therefore make the question as typically asked impossible to answer, except that it's clear it will but not how long it will take.

    A Britta filter is certainly more expedient.

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