Anyone help me on a new droid?

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  1. I want the screen size around the droid mini. Except mini didnt get good reviews

    Heard good things about the Maxx.

    I personally hate the look snd picture color of samsung phones. I like motorola

    Any recommendations?

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  2. Moto x? HTC one mini?

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    Motorola is awful if you ever plan on modding your phone. IMHO, anything with a 720p+ screen, dual core, 1ghz ram with kit-kat and an 8mp camera would be fine?
    What's your budget? Contract, no contract?
    If I wanted to buy a Motorola phone out of contract I would go with the Motorola G. Look's solid for $179 no contract.
  4. Motorola phones are what brought me in to the android phones.  I got the motorold droid when it first came out and I was hooked.
    Went from Motorola droid 1 to 2 than the Razr.  Great phones for sure and I loved their durable build.  Very cool.
    But now I've had the S4 for half a year now.  The difference isn't huge, they're both android phones, similar size and shape.  But the phone layout is better and the programs on the phone makes it easier and definitely unique.  The biggest pro about the samsung phone though is the hardware. 
    Around the 6month mark my motorola phones would get slow, definitely noticeable and it starts to get annoying.  It hits you then when you realize you have to have the phone for another year and half that it's not going to be pleasant.  Not to mention that it freezes up more often than you would like. 
    The s4 is still holding up amazing.  Still fast as hell which makes life much better.  When I had the motorola phones, it felt like I was back in middle school with a slow ass piece of shit computer that I would kick and punch lol.
  5. HTC one mini

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  6. Mine is droid dna, quad core, 2gb ram, 1080p, 8mp camera

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  7. Gotta have the HTC one mini. Not a big fan of HTC but for the screen size, unbeatable.

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    I have a Droid RAZR M, and I love it. Hardy, great battery life, wonderful screen picture. No freezing or slowing down that I've noticed. I like it because it is small, I didn't want a giant phone with a huge screen that I can't fit in any of my pockets.

    But you might have different priorities. I was shopping for durability, screen quality, and low price, and it had to be a Verizon phone (I'm stuck with them because they're the only ones with consistent service everywhere in my city)
  9. The phone I just bought was the Moto X.  It's pretty much the coolest fucking phone I've ever owned.
  10. Have you messed with the Note 3? Lol.

    Price tag aside. The Note 3 is like THE most gorgeous phone I have ever laid my eyes on.

    Now I'm not dissing the Moto X. I was actually thinking about buying one just to root it. There full retail is like 300 bucks!

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  11. You would be very surprised about how easily you adapt to a huge phone.

    I went from an iPhone to a Note 3 and I don't even notice how big the phone is anymore. Now aside from me laying in bed and having a hard to using one hand, annoying sometimes.

    What sucks is now that I have a 5.9 inch screen estate, every phone looks like a child's toy lol. My girlfriend has an iPhone and she's like "read this!" And I feel like a giant.

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  12. I don't want to get used to a bug screen. Once you get used to it, anything smaller feels cramped and frustrating.

    The screen is the biggest power draw in a smartphone. Bigger screen, lower battery life.

    Its also the most fragile part, and the bigger a d thinner it is the more fragile and more expensive to replace. Not to mention more likely to get dropped, and harder to protect with a case. Then there's things like fitting in pockets, balancing on small ledges, and being discreet, which are also easier when the phone is small.

    I know I would easily get used to a huge screen. But I'm fine with the one I have now, and I don't think the downsides are worth it.
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    I have an otterbox defender which doesn't add too much weight.

    They also have a 10,000 mha battery you can buy which was tested running a 1080p YouTube on loop and the battery lasted 2 days and 6 hours with the screen not going to sleep.

    Tell me again how bad these are now ;)

    And let's say my phone does break.

    Insurance is 99 dollars to get a new phone.

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  14. I'm not trying to argue with you, dude. I never said your phone was bad, and I'm glad that you're happy with it. I never said you should get the phone I have instead. I don't mean to imply that you have the "wrong" phone, I was just saying that its probably not the right phone for me.

    And that is a very long battery life. I am impressed.
    But that same battery would still last longer in a phone with a smaller screen.
  15. Yea I'm not arguing. I think everyone should try the Note 3 at least once lol

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  16. Moro G or One S

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