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anyone heard of.....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by diddykongkush, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. So my guy told me he is going to be getting this stuff in called "Stars" now i talked to a couple of my buddies and they dont seem to know what it is...and i tried looking for some info online and couldn't. Do any of you guys know what it is?
  2. Nothing personal, but I'm tired of threads like this. Use a search engine, use

    OP: No, I have not heard of stars.
  3. Doesn't sound like a legit strain. more than likely its just something he made up to help sell his stuff. If it looks dank and is reasonably priced go for it. But if it looks like bobby brown dont spend big on it.
  4. The shit might as well be called stars, because even if he calls it some Go Deaf there's no way you can know.
  5. It could be Star Kush, Sensi Star, who knows. Or it could be named by a grower. If it's legit who cares?


  6. Or post it in the RIGHT forum (Apprentice) where it has been moved.
  7. Gtfo.

    Chances are the guy you got it from just gave it some fancy name to separate him from the others. Much like (if you saw American Gangster) when Frank Lucas calls his heroin "Blue Magic" or whatever. Just something some dealers do.

  8. If I had known that I would have simply deleted your thread and reminded you that the discussion of other substances such as E and LSD are no longer allowed on Grass City.
  9. Its not E, he was referring to herbs when he said hes got this stuff called stars and its better than kush. Plus I have never even consumed anything beyond marijuana so why the hell would I post on grasscity about E?
  10. is your dealer Nemesis?
  11. Yes, I realize
  12. Okay "STARS"

    I have heard it once before.

    All it is a hype term for good bud.

    As "your gonna get so high, youll be up there with the stars"

    They call it stars for a level of highness. So most likely youll get pretty high

    But there is no strain called stars, and only "STAR" drugs I know is E, cause there are a couple star presses.

    But yeah, thats my legit input.
  13. Wow, thanks for a proper response. Ill be sure to check this stuff out then, thanks SmokeChoke! :smoke:
  14. i just ate way too many M&M's
  15. Its deff a name he made up for it :p

  16. no problem.

    ye' sir ye be proper. :smoke:
  17. If the nug looks and/or smells delicious just buy it. Lol

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  18. lmao
    stars are roxycontin.
    it's slang for it like
    yo man, stars on deck!
    btw, it's an opiate. i advise against doing them. EVER.

  19. that too. i tried to explain already that it's not weed but they don't want to hear it. like wtf? its not fuckin weed lmao.
  20. Gee guys, ever think that a slang term just MIGHT have two separate meanings depending on the location of the speaker?

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