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Anyone Heard Of Mmj Enema?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by edc, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. i am asking for a friend. well actually my almost ex sister in law i guess. any ways she liked them way my therapeutic healing lotion works on arthritis pain. she loved how her pains pretty much went away almost instantly.     she then stated that she had been constipated lately. then she stated that since the lotion had such good results she wondered if a mmj enema would possibly help her condition. i stated that i have never heard of it, but i would ask the question here on GC. so, for you shawna has anyone heard of this?     it seems to me that you would want it pretty watered down as it would probably get you really fucked up. or possibily over dosed,? like see you next week kinda fucked up? anyone? 
    and really, asking for my almost ex sister in law.hahahaha . for real. still love u shawna.

  2. I got to ask, are you going to be the "caregiver" in this adventure?
    There are many cures for constipation over the counter. Seems like an awful waste of good bud.
    If you decide to travel down this road,please keep it to yourself.
  3. absolutely not. just told her i would ask.
  4. I have heard of cannabis suppositories, but not an enema. If she is constipated, she likely needs more fiber and water in her diet!
  5. Definitely use the suppositories

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