anyone heard of "liquid" label bongs?

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  1. I recently purchased a bong from a guy off cl (super chill seemed legit) and its a diffused ds to showerhead pregnant center, splash guard/icepinch and out..

    Anyway, I LOVE the bong and was wondering if anyones heard of it before? he said they were out of costa mesa, CA?


    lmk! thanks!!
  2. Sick bong and from what liquid pieces I've seen it's quality glass. May I ask what a pregnant center is though?

  3. a pregnant center refers to the perc section of the tube using a larger diameter than the rest. Also great tube man, how much did it run you? That setup is very solid
  4. Yeah, I just got a custom piece from them actually. The guy who made this company has blown for zob and roor.
  5. Thanks for the feedback!

    I recently saw a zob tube that was exactly the same as mine but wore a zob mini logo.. so thats good to know its the same dude rather then a copy.

    I got the tube with zob ds, and a sick worked bowl all basicly new for 130... sickest deal Ive ever found :) kid was chill though and obviously had the money to let it go for so low. The deal much appreciated in case you ever are on here!

    And the review on the tube..Its killer, straight up best bong ive hit! milks super fast, maintains water levels, no drag at all! My new favorite even though ive spent more on other pieces..

    downsides-my only bong with a ds.. I would love to somehow get the bottom reblown to be a stem line with a fixed stem or another circ if possible haha well see!

    Any pics of your guys pieces from liquid? id love to see other pieces!
  6. i saw it at 42* ann arbor
  7. this same one?
  8. here I made a milk vid of it too.. lmk what you guys think!

    [ame=]Circ aka Showerhead bong with Skywalker OG glass wand hit - YouTube[/ame]
  9. bump for pics of other liquids!

  10. no just other liquid pieces. looked okay was 150 for one.
  11. ah ok cool.

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