Anyone heard of IMA glass before?

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  1. I was browsing at a local headshop in CT and i sawl a bunch of IMA bongs on one shelf. Has anyone head of them before they had a wicked nice straight tube like a foot tall. With 2 tree percs. Also had some nice colors to it and a diffused downstem unfourtanetly its like 260 bucks.
  2. im from long beach CA. and iv' enever heard of them before and cant find any internet info on them but i just bought a 15 in. straight glass on glass bong with an ima logo on it and it hits amazingly. only problem is the glass is a little thin feeling. It hasn't broke yet though.
  3. yes actually i have. i own one also! its a glass company made in orange, of orange county . ca. the owner of ima owns a smoke shop. its on tustin and taft. of orange, oc, cali. its wonderful glass they make! hand blown. i just recently bought a 9:0 mm glass.
  4. Adding to this!
    I am actually the glass blower apprentice of Quick Stop Smoke!
    IMA is my brand and thank you for choosing our fine glass!

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