Anyone heard of hustle green?

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  1. I was looking for jobs online and came across an ad for this company called hustle green.  It sounds pretty cool, but I don't know if its a scam or some kind of sting operation, so I thought I'd ask here.  Here's the contents of the ad:
    Do you want to participate in the next American Renaissance?
    We have many different positions available to those who are members of HustleGreen:

    Clones sales/technician
    Cannabis Sales Indoor and Outdoor
    Marketing Sales to Dispensaries and other Cannabis Related Companies
    Auto Marketing and Sales
    HustleGreen Events and Promotions Coordinator
    Social Media and Networking
    Website Design
    Loss Prevention Specialists
    Inventory and Accounting
    Appointment Setting and Administration

    HustleGreen has the ability to give local members a job right away that if taken seriously can pay extremely well. In addition to the job portion you will also be joining a "club", so to speak. There will be regular meetings, social events, networking events, etc. We are looking to hire motivated people that will vend for us but also importantly help improve and contribute to the HustleGreen community/network/club as well.

    Shortlisted applicants will be emailed to go over further details and set up an interview. If hired:

    Step 1: You will subscribe to the HustleGreen website membership and engage in forum discussion with other members just starting in the industry as well as established veteran vendors and community members.

    Step 2: The local community will provide social events, networking, business, and entertainment opportunities. The website also has some entrepreneur videos we are going to be continuously releasing to help you guys start your own businesses within the network and share your experiences.

    Step 3: You begin vending and they have the opportunity to advance endlessly within the organization based on your results and other capabilities. Since vending leaves downtime everybody has to also choose a personal project to aid in the development of the community, some projects that will be needed are: marketing, blogging, news, videos, social media, promotions, events, website, YouTube, selling vehicles, B2B sales etc.

    The starting ranks are as follows:

    Retail Vendor (selling small amounts at retail prices)
    Transitional Vendor (selling between ¼ lb- ½ lb)
    Wholesale Vendor (larger amounts, usually to dispensaries and collectives)

    You will move up the ladder as you prove that you can vend and how well you do on your personal projects, the rate that you advance is dependent on the person. You will obviously be making more money as you advance, especially if you have been helpful at both vending at your personal projects. We will have a bi-weekly (or monthly) meeting with you to go over sales and performance. We will provide praise where needed and guidance on areas you can improve and make you better.

    What we need from you:

    Must have a Valid MMJ medical recommendation or be willing to get one prior to starting
    Must become a member of the HustleGreen Website and Club ($10 first month / $30/month)
    Must provide collateral of some sort for the amount of stock that will be credited for vending (negotiable based on amount willing to vend, depending on the situation we can be flexible)
    Must be able to meet Goals and Deadlines
    Must be trustworthy
    Must be a Self Starter
    Must be motivated to maximize your potential in life
    Must be a team player
    Must be good at networking

    What we give you:

    Wholesale priced products fronted to you on credit, ready to sell immediately
    Solid network of established vendors and cannabis experts to get guidance from
    Job opportunities in the future multi-platform HustleGreen company as well as the ability to start your own businesses with the help of the community and network
    Endless opportunity to advance in the fastest growing industry in America
    Having your own transportation is preferred but we also own a small car dealership so in certain circumstances we may even be able to provide certain individuals transportation as well
    Business networking and entrepreneurship
    Social and Entertainment Events

    What other company can do all that?

    If you are interested email us with ALL OF THE FOLLOWING:

    1. First and Last Name
    2. Facebook ID or Instagram ID (we don't care whats on there we just want to make sure your real)
    3. Your Location
    4. Why you think you would be good for this Job?
    5. What is your current life situation?
    6. What are your goals in the next 2 years?
    7. What skills do you have that you think may be beneficial to HustleGreen?
    8. Tell us something interesting about yourself

    Shortlisted Applicants will be contacted ASAP. Good Luck :)
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    I was about to say it sounded worth inquiring further until I read you're required to sign up for a paid membership to their group

    real jobs don't ask for money up front.

    edit- or they are just selling weed and looking for dealers lol. the more I read the more shady it sounds.
  3. This sounds like Amway.
  4. I wouldn't mess with them, when you get an uneasy feeling about something there is usually a good reason.
  5. Have you ever heard of Peon Neon ?
    I came to this thread thinking that Hustle Green was a dynamite new cannabis strain. :laughing:
    I guess it isn't.
  6. Yeah I agree with all of you guys. The more I look into this, the more sketchy it seems. I think I'll just look for something else.
  7. 100% scam
  8. no, no.  It sounds like a great company.  But I have a better one:  You will make $10 an hour working for me and only have to give me a 20% kickback on wage and 50% of your tips.  No up front buy in.
  9. Upfront Info: I am a dispensary owner who does business with HustleGreen and therefore I am going to be biased because I like their company. However I wouldn't do business with a company that sucked or was a scam...
    The reason you may be confused and the rest of the forum is suspicious because HustleGreen is a Multi-Platformed company. Which means they have different aspects to their business.
    One aspect is an online entrepreneur course that has to do with starting your own MMJ related business, has forums to network with other mmj entrepreneurs, legal information, and has investors ready to fund well thought out business plans created by veteran members. Before creating the website they already had a similar free online website which I was a part of too, but everyone just stole the information so I believe the owners idea is that there is a super low month fee so it is pretty much affordable to anyone, but it can only be accessed by people who are serious active marijuana entrepreneurs. There are tons of benefits, for example if you create a business you have the whole communities support immediately. Imagine creating a business and already having all your clients right there. The online aspect is still a work in progress, it has only been up for a couple months, but he was doing the same thing offline for a while..  I know the owner and he is always talking about new ideas to help people and get people engaged in the industry. The owner is a super down to earth guy, he has a lot of money but chooses to drive a crappy car and invests all his money in business stuff and other up and coming entrepreneurs. He likes helping people build businesses in the MMJ industry, plain and simple (hence the name HustleGreen).
    I've heard him explain reasoning before, he thinks the fastest way to push legalization is through entrepreneurialism and innovation within the industry, the only reason we are considering full legalization is because of the tax dollars (aka the money) involved. He thinks that once there are hundreds of legal million dollar businesses created that cater to the Cannabis industry, it will be impossible to repeal legalization or even slow it down. 
    Another platform of HustleGreen is only available to San Diego Locals which I believe is the craigslist ad you were replying to. This is to get more local people physically involved in HustleGreen at a ground level. They only promote from within to make the company a real human company that isn't outsourced or corporatized but is instead a community of like minded people. The concept is that if your hired, HustleGreen will give you some kind of Entre-Level position to start putting money in your pocket and get you to a place where you can focus on moving forward within the industry. These positions can include: budtending, trimming, vending, marketing, events/promotions, etc... all of which you are paid for like a normal job and you will be essentially be an independent contractor/patient that will be compensated for your time and energy. This is the Hustle aspect.
    If you have a paid job, you also take on personal projects that will teach you skills you will need to know in order to start a business, once you become skilled at these projects you will be paid for them what your skill level is worth. So essentially HG is giving you a paying job, teaching you skills, and advancing you when you raise your value as a worker. I know of no other MMJ company that provides the opportunities HG provides. The end goal of every HustleGreen Member is to advance into a well-paid management position, become a physical partner of HustleGreen, create your own business remotely, OR have your business idea funded by HustleGreen or their investors.
    When I became a member of HustleGreen a year ago I was trimming nugs at a local dispensary who they were partnered with at the time, now I own my own dispensary 5 minutes away from where I started trimming. These guys are legit and just fantastic people in general, if you show them love they will show it back. Again I'm biased because I've had a great experience with them, but you will too I'm sure once you meet them. Tell them Jared says "hi" :)
    Let me know if anyone has any legitimate questions I can answer, or is in San Diego and wants to stop by my dispensary ;)
    Smoke on Guys  :metal:
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    Asked about hustlegreen a day before you did haha.
    As far as how they hire people on.. Can't really help you there.  Despite the lack of response I received on this forum, I signed up anyway.
    From a less biased perspective here's my explanation.
    Essentially what the website membership consists of:
    Video course teaching people how to create their own marijuana related business.  Does not necessarily mean how to sell weed.  Talks about ways to create business related to the industry (Mobile Apps, websites, selling equipment, creating products that essentially relate to the market in general.) The thing I found most useful from the course was how to outsource work so really you don't need to know code if you wanna build an app or website. As well as the multiple other uses using outsourcers.
    Useful, knowledge to start pretty much any business out there. Looks like a fairly new site, not a lot of activity on the internal forum. But more posts are poppin up every day.  I'd say it has enough content on there to be worth the cost of the first two months for sure, and If i get investment for something then thats just a plus :ey:
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    Smells like shill

    What's the name of your dispensary?

    never mind I found it. I used to live right there.

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