Anyone heard of 'Drank' ?

Discussion in 'General' started by iTokeat420, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. My friend just told me about this drink called 'drank.' He said it's purple flavored, he got it at Shell for like $2.50, and it fucked him up.

    Interested, I pulled up google and researched it, found there main website.

    Drank Beverage | Slow Your Roll!

    Gonna try it out tomorrow, just curious if anyone has ever heard of this?
  2. Just made me really tired and I fell asleep. I didnt get high at all.
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    yea, dont really do anything though.. This one better, still not the same as lean..

  4. Yeah, it's main ingredient is Melatonin, a natural chemical in the brain.

    It doesn't have any recreational value.
  5. hell i would drink it. or shall i say, i would drank it
  6. lol that's that purple drank
  7. let's put more unknown chemicals into our bodies. yay!

  8. No more than Monster. It's just the opposite of an energy drink. It's not supposed to fuck you up at all, just make you tired. It works too
  9. ***** I know the recipe.

    sugar,water, and purple. aint no vitamins in that mothafucka lol
  10. Never tried the stuff in the can. Haven't really heard anything good about it.

    The real shit though [​IMG]

    Too bad my connect ran dry a while back. Used to get it by the case.
  11. Yeah, I know that. I'm just saying, you might as well go and pick up a bottle of Melatonin or Alteril (Melatonin, Valerian Root and L-Trytophan), although I have to admit that it does look rather appealing (probably because it's purple and I think of grape soda).
  12. I've "drank" it before(no pun intended) Just made me feel kind of tired, they should be sugar-free IMO if they're suppose to make you tired.
  13. [​IMG]

  14. How is it unknown? The bottle says whats in it.

    Do you not drink soda or eat/ drink anything you didn't grow or make yourself?

    I mean the product lists what's in it the same as every other product that's sold for consumption
  15. I thought purple was a color? :confused:

  16. After the advent of powerade and gatorade where blue, red and yellow became flavors all colors immediately became viable flavors. soon after other non flavor related nouns became flavors by combining it with another noun. ex. mountain blast.

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