Anyone heard of Brandon Vedas?

Discussion in 'General' started by Arnack, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. Can we just stick to one stumbling thread, like make an official one or something?
  2. I'd not heard of him but I read through the Wikipedia articles and stuff, 'twas really quite sad.

    I fail to see why threads of completely different nature should be grouped in to one thread, solely due to the means inwhich the link was aquired.
  3. Thats bullshit, it was his bro's fault and no one elses.
  4. lol NOW people are discovering stumpleupon

    I posted this shit like a year ago and my thread died hah

    but I never knew about this, so thanks
  5. Reading the transcript of the chat log was fucking tweaking

    Even negligent has boundaries...:eek:
  6. I don't think he (the guy's brother) was trying to pin the blame on any of the members in the chat room, but rather saying it was a contributing factor....did you read the transcripts? Some of the things people in there said are pretty fucked up and a lot of them were trying to persuade him to take more drugs.
  7. I didn't read it, but anyone who can be persuaded to put their life at risk to look "cool" for a bunch of idiots on the internet maybe shouldn't get the chance to pass their genes along...
  8. Yea dude, I totally see where you're coming from, and its completely the guy's fault...but I mean perhaps things would've worked out differently if the people in the chat room didn't 'egg him on' and tried to discourage him a bit more...

    I dunno; im just tryin' to show a little empathy towards his brother, something like this happening has gotta be hard.
  9. You're right to do so, I'm just bitter and cynical.

    +rep for being a good guy though.
  10. Yeah, I found it interesting as well.
    Hopefully nothing like it happens again... especially in an IRC and webcam. I feel really bad for everyone who watched him.

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