Anyone heard of Big L?

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  1. If not you should really peep some of his music because that shit is some of the best out there, although hes in the same place as Tupac at the moment his music can still be heard like Tupacs.

    Some good songs to listen to are:
    Big L : Ebonics
    and one of my favourites is Big L : Street Struck

    R.I.P. Lamont Coleman aka. Big L

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  2. As a Hip Hop fan of several years, I have yet to hear a lyricist as witty and talented as Big L. He was just receiving the recognition he deserved when he peaced. I gotta say, you won't regret downloading his tracks, or better yet purchasing "Tha Lifestylez of Da Poor and Dangerous." Check out the following tracks:
    Devil's Son
    Furious Anger (With Shyheim)

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  3. Big L rest in beatz


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