Anyone hear from Smokentoke420?

Discussion in 'General' started by the color green, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I wanna make sure that cat's still alive and well, has he been posting recently or talked to anyone on instant messenger or anything?
  2. he was one crazy cat, hope the young fella is alright and smokin big'
    shout outs if you out there homie!
  3. yea for real. I havent seen him in awhile. hope hes doing good
  4. word, he hasnt even been on AIM.. hmm..
  5. Deceased.
  6. fuck you if thats a joke. if not...proof.

    EDIT: ninjaed.

    thanks palmer
  7. wow. this thread just got fucked up. will someone tell me whats goin on here
  8. Thanks to Palmer and his magic search, we discovered that SNT has stopped posting voluntarily.

    Hoast... For whatever reason, just "joked" or whatever and said "deceased" which probably isn't true.
  9. Aye smoke..if you read this lemme know you alive mayyyne.


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