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Anyone have this Edible before? [Green Girl Edibles]

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Chipsncheesef, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Got it from a dispensary near me. It's the exact same as a hubby bar (chocolate bar w/ 6 pieces, but I want to know the potency of 1 piece.

    Says "Green Girl Edibles" on the front

    Here's the back:
  2. Call the club and ask them. Otherwise, there's one other way to find out...
  3. it should have a thc dosage in mg. divide by 6 to get potency of one piece.
  4. Eat a piece and wait for the effects. At worst you'll only get a little buzz going, and then you'll know how much you need for a full serving. Nothing to stop you from eating a second piece after you figure out how high it got you, either.
  5. Had half, then smoked a bowl, so I couldn't really tell.

    Later I had half (3 pieces) on an empty stomach and felt nothing. Shitty edible
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    Does it say the mg/content anywhere on the wrapper, the front maybe? I suppose even if it did, and
    it was a huge number, that doesn't necessarily mean that the potency was bioavailable.

    It could have had 20 doses, but if it was made wrong or lazily, it wouldn't even feel like a single
    one. :(

    If you can't find reliable edibles at your local clinic, it may be best if you just buy the raw materials
    (flowers, concentrates etc.) and make your own. Coconut oil and cocoa butter, used together, are
    great for processing your glandular material for use in chocolates :)

    On the left is either a pecan or cashew 'Hashy Bar' with either a whole or a half nut per section, on
    the right, pure milk chocolate. :)


    Made well, a single section is strong enough medicine for a regular or seasoned toker, two sections if
    you'd like to feel overly-medicated throughout the evening and into the following day. But the full
    bars can contain up to 8 - 12 powerful doses each, for patients who consider themselves 'light
    weights'. :p

    Just check the stickied threads for info on canna/hash oil, and use your favorite home made
    chocolate recipe. You just need a double boiler, powdered milk, cocoa butter, coconut oil, sugar and

    Otherwise, if baking is too much of a hassle, if it's possible you should select items from your clinic
    that have been made by other suppliers.. and if I were you, I'd also voice my concerns
    over the quality of that bar you just had. :(
    It can only help to improve your clinic's selection, and if enough negative feedback is received it
    may even help the makers of that edible to bump up their 'game' a little. :)

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