Anyone have the GC Nautilus inline bong?

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    Looking to get one of these 2:

    Black Leaf Inline Bong 18.8 - "The Nautilus" Layback - English -

    Black Leaf Inline Bong 18.8 - "The Nautilus" - English -

    I like the bent neck one because it's cheaper, and honestly the inline looks more legit.

    Anyone used either one? The reviews for the tall one all look good, people seem to love it.

    BTW, looking for some cheap(er) glass because we recently got busted and the cops took our 2 favorite pieces (Stemline and a sick Medicali perc'd bong...RIP. Both fucking expensive pieces, + I'll be paying fines and stuff soon so we need something cheap).

    Anyways thanks guys!
  2. Damn dude that really sucks ill smoke a bowl for you.

    I would get the bent neck

  3. Appreciate that bro! The GF and I already decided we aren't gonna let it get us down, cause I know that's the goal.

    And thanks for the advice! IDK why but I'm just really diggin' the bent neck...seems like the perfect couch ripper, plus it's not too tall so would be fine on the ground.

    And for only $55?! Plus my GF has a 20% coupon...might have to pull the trigger soon!
  4. Dood...u got busted.

    All my seshs r in ur honor today my brother keep ur head up and get the bent neck.


    Sorry its neutral thought that counts right :-]

    im from arkansas i feel ur southern hurt.
  5. The inline is the way to go. Bent neck or not it's an awesome piece!
  6. Just don't expect it to survive any fall. My buddy has one and it hits pretty darn good. It's no HOPS or Luke Wilson inline, but it's really solid, especially for the price.
  7. Yeah bent neck sounds like a good deal. I am so paranoid of getting busted and having the cops take my glass.

    I feel for you man
  8. I'm actually thinking of going with something from GlassMansDoll, his new mini showerline...super sick. Will update this thread once I know for sure!

    If the deal with him falls through I still plan on getting the Nautilus.
  9. I say the inline forsure. Post a pic of that other piece that youre considering getting though
  10. getting busted sucks this ones for you brother :smoke:
  11. So you sold the bong on ETSY and The Weedstar dub bub?

    or they get taken too Fuck i'd be mad.
  12. If I was going on the cheap I'd also consider picking up a cheap tube from SSFG.


    Can grab that for 75 shipped.

    Sorry to hear ya got busted down there, best of luck to ya bro.
  13. i too am looking to purchase the nautilus. i diddnt know they had a bentneck/ lay back (which i have no reason why its called a lay back, wouldnt that mean there would be no base? just some glass spikes to set it down on?) but ive been looking all over for a milk vid of the bent neck one, can somebody please find a video, or if anybody has it, post a milk vid. i know the naut straight tube has no drag, and im just wondering how the bent neck is on drag:confused:

  14. [ame=]YouTube - Lowered Showerline.AVI[/ame]

    It's basically a mini stemline.

    Nah man! We got semi lucky, they took the vape, medicali, and stemline...not the orange ETSY bong or the dub bub (luckily).

    I searched far and wide and couldn't find much dude. Pretty much only vids of the straight one :/. I bet they hit similarly, idk.
  15. WOW!!!! How much is that piece?!?! i want it! I WANT IT BAAAAAAD!!!!! lol. please give me a price range for that tube.:wave:
  16. That exact one in the video is $100 + $10 USPS s/h (within the US). Absolutely amazing price, I know. When I heard it I couldn't even believe it...dream come true! Go to glassmansdoll's ETSY page where he has his email and hit them up. The wait right now is almost 3 months though :(.

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