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Anyone have problems with neighbors in the 'burbs?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by whompwhomperson, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. Yeah I always felt good rollin and bowlin too we have a perfect 2 mile road that make a circuit surrounded by farm land which was my smokin road.
  2. farmers baby yeaaahhhh
  3. It's the most perfect road.
  4. I smoke out doors, i love it. But if my neighbours snitch on me, I'll move out and rent it to some prostitutes/crack heads whatever for a dollar a week and show them how lucky they were to have neighbour that kept to themselves and was quite and peacefull.

  5. can I take some normal classes from you?
  6. i live in some straight up burbs, and my neighbors are dank. i stay smokin bongs in my front yard and shit
  7. Meh, my neighbors in the homicide division. Aslong as i dont kill anything besides braincells, hes happy.
  8. My neighbors are non-existant. :) Living in the country is great, being able to walk around and do whatever I want with a bong or a joint or a bowl or anything. Its great.
  9. my nieghbor across the street works at the loacal headshop haha ive smoked a few blunts with him i smoke on the front porch, infront of my house in the car ill roll a joint and get on the longboard and roll around no one really gives a shit or is even aware what im doing
  10. I think my neighbors know, but i don't do it around there kids, or in plain view, and we don't do any bad shit in our neighborhood so no one seems to care.
  11. I'll just step out on my back deck and take a quick look to make sure no one is outside in plain view and then I'll light up. My friend's neighbors are illegal immigrants though so we just go wherever around his house and light up. We just keep it a general rule to not bring the bong to the front yard but we'll sit on the front porch and smoke out of a spoon.
  12. I live in the suburbs and i smoke all the time in my neighbors back yard, with like 10 houses surronding us, nothing bad has happened yet.
  13. Oh yeah. I live in the suburbs of Battle Creek and the neighbors here are so nosy. It's a pretty small town with absolutely nothing to do, so no one has anything better to do than intrude in other peoples' lives. For example, I was smoking outside of my bedroom window the other night (my room is downstairs, ground level), and this asian guy that lives kitty corner from me comes out with a flashlight. At first I figured, "maybe he's just taking his dog out", then he proceeded to start walking towards my window, which is way out of his way. I had to quickly scramble into my window so he wouldn't find me.

    In short, the suburbs are ridiculous.
  14. my neighbors called the police on me when i was 15 in the 'burbs of CT because they saw me smoking a joint with my friend.

    I don't get why they cared, its not like i was attacking their kids.

    Pretty much what happened was i saw the police car come, i ditched the roach down the sewer, they came onto my front lawn and told me to empty my pockets and all that, but i didnt consent. They threatened to call the dogs on me in the yard of my own house. My mom walked out, knowing and not caring i smoked and bitched them out for coming on to our property and ordering my friend and I around. All this right in front of the neighbor that called the police on me. He was in the yard right across from us. He was eyeballin' us and listening in the entire time hahaha. Thats pretty much how our families got to hate eachother. Still hate those damned conservative drones today!
  15. I live in a fairly upper middle class suburban neighborhood. Lots of woods around, nice sized lots. My back yard affords a lot of privacy. That being said, everyone around me is an adult and we all tend to not nose around too much in each others' business. I'm discrete when I smoke outside but not overly so. Besides, they love me because when I get the smoker going they get free ribs and beer.
  16. i'm sorry man, but everytime i see one of your posts, i just cant stop thinkin of how much of the fucking man you are.... so proper and shit. haha, ribs and beer sound good tho :smoking:
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    My next door neighbor is a drug dealer, there are always new customers arriving at their place. I smell marijuana at times coming from them. Theres another dealer down the street too. I mind my own business though since my neighbors are serious dealers... I don't want my house riddled with bullets if police ever raid them.

    But we all keep to ourselves since other neighbors could become disturbed and call the cops on us. Otherwise, no problems.
  18. we used to sit and drink and smoke out back all day and my neighbors would sometime be out in their backyard, they never seemed to care
  19. Lol. The suburbs just suck, that said, I used to smoke wherever I wanted and people didn't care at all... aside from the old lady that would give me a dirty look every time I walked in front of her house, but then again I live in Oregon it seems like most of the state smokes. The only reason I don't smoke in the open anymore is because I moved to the ghetto part of the burb, and I don't want no one thinking I got alot of pot or my place might get busted into.
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    A) You WILL get busted eventually doing things that way.
    B) Talking about dealing is against the rules here.

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