Anyone have Obama's home phone number?

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  1. Thread title is a joke, but it also touches on what I want to do. I want to ask a question to Obama and I need help.

    At least the last three presidents of the U.S. have smoked marijuana. I'm not sure about other presidents. If they had been caught with marijuana, their life would be totally different (lose scholarship, government grants, job potentials).

    Marijuana arrests started in the mid-1960's, so I'm assuming that the presidents smoked after it was illegal. This means, I think, that the one of the reason that they succeeded in life is because the government (i.e. the police) failed to do their job.

    My question: Is there something wrong in the laws of a country, where for an individual to succeed the government has to fail to do their job?

    Or a better question: Would you (Obama) be in the position that you're in if you had be prosecuted for marijuana possession?

    Are these good questions?
  2. i think the better question is what is his number.
  3. i literally wrote this same question down as a part of my final exam in sociology i had to write an essay on deviance.
  4. Either that's a typo or you need to hit the books

  5. I mean serious arrests. I don't think it was a serious crime until the 1950's and in the 1960's is when the police started arresting people at a larger rate.
  6. Maybe since the 60, persecution has been under the Idea that Marijuana is harmful to society... There has been many leaders pre-1800s that opposed the sell and use (with the same Idea; marijuana being evil) and plenty arrest has been made pre-60s....

    Marijuana Tax act of 1937 was the first step the US government took to say "Hey, we need painkillers, uppers, downers and sidewinders, but lets send these dirty stonners back to where they came from; at that time, MJ was only being imported from the South, guess who was growing the stuff?'

    Not going into the topic of possible old, but very there, ignorant racist precedent, If you want to get Obama to hear you out write to the people that are heard by him.... congress, mayors, governor... you know, that sort of thing

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