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Anyone have NPD (Narcissistic personality disorder)?

Discussion in 'General' started by DreamAwake, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. I'm a 22 year old male living with narcissistic personality disorder and it fucking sucks. I also have schizophrenia which I definitely think was perpetuated by my narcissism (or vice-versa, I'm not really sure).

    But having schizophrenia (which it's main disadvantages is weird social behaviors)...and coupled with narcissistic personality disorder is a fucking bitch.

    People don't understand narcissism, which is the result of being emotionally damaged. People have no idea how to treat a narcissist. Especially a schizophrenic one. People try to damage me worse and it only perpetuates my narcissism. I feel I get more narcissistic everyday. Cuz most narcissists are charming and skilled socially, but I'm schizophrenic so even if I have the capability to be that way, It's hard to do it.

    I hate my life and I feel God hates me even more. There's no going out and my life gets worse every day. I feel life will never be good for me. I feel if someone really wanted to get to know me they would really like me, but they're almost scared of me cuz the way I am. And I'm all alone in this world. I hate my life so fucking much and wanna kill myself but I'm scared to.

    Idk fuck it I'm kinda drunk. That's all I'll say. What do you think?

  2. There are definitely people out there who care about you man.

    Stay strong dude things will turn around eventually. Suicide is definitely not the way to go though. Waste of the only life on this planet you have.
  3. What do u think might not be the best way to end ur statement, but everyone's here for ya, and there's no reason to become another statistic, I'm sure you're life is full of loving people you don't recognize. Just do you and everything will fold out in ur favor in the end
  4. if you were narcissistic you wouldn't think it sucks.
  5. i put off wierd vibes so people avoid me forsome reason, i have no real friends anymore and i dont have anyone "special" in my life but doesnt mean ima kill myself. just enjoy the short ride will you can it will end on its own
  6. I'm not too sure what this mental illness is but do not end it. I, myself had a very serious suicide attempt where I survived only because of a paramedic off duty driving by stopped me from bleeding out. I saw what it did to everyone around me and they had no idea it was coming. I know it's hard to think of others but if you open up to anyone who will listen you can get better. Trying not to sound cliche but its true. Stay strong brother.
  7. Same here man people are always trying to bring me down... not everyone people I know..... ir lime they dont want me to be happy.. im already mentally at the bottom.ofnthe barrel.. I have lif and can only communicate througb forums but I do t take these forums so seriously they just help me feel heard so I do t actually pull the trigger I think about killinf myself everyday... im really a good lookinf guy and decently wittt.. but I just dontnhave the basix social skills to seem comaptiable with anyone... and peoe in my situation... will look at im weird and I will probably thinknthey aee weird as wel... I dont evem knownhow to socialize with my family... its starti ng tonscare me.and no one wants to h elp excep physchoatirst who want 200 dollsrs an hour but thatbshit wont help. I need meds or something or.maybe to.just die to relieve the anguish I am feeling. It sickens me because people think I should be content... but living a life all on your own is notmliving its horroble but I feel powerless and worthless and no one will ever truly care about me.... and even whenninshsre how I feel with others thwy almost blow me off... so ive slowly just reclused in fetal positi on and rock sleep seriously

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