Anyone have fish tanks/aquariums?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by abrooks12376, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. And do you water your ladies with all the vishpoooo??

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  2. I have had aquariums since I was a kid. oldest fish I've had was a 17 year old rainbow tetra that looked sort of like the one pictured below, but less orange and more yellow. about 3.5 inches from end to end. that damn fish outlived entire generations of tank colonies. I haven't yet had the chance to water any M.J. plants with my tank cleanings but the tomatoes and strawberries and whatever else happens to be in the garden has always loved drinking that shit up!

    the people at the pet store told my dad that, if we kept good care of our tank (compared to the usual customer), we could get a good 4 or 5 years out of him...
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  3. Here is my fish tank...that is the name of the boat...Fish Tank... bloody-tuna.jpg
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  4. Yep we have tropical fish (several diff kinds) in ours and Sea Anemones or however its spelled. Idk what they called tho but my husband does.

  5. Got tired of always cleaning the damned thing, so I stuck it out in the yard sale. A 30 gallon. I think I took $5 to let somebody haul it off.

    My kid brother built a coy pond. He lives where it gets cold. Haven't heard any more about it.
  6. I'd eat that before I put it in a tank.

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  7. We ate it I assure you...
  8. You made me eat swordfish last night. Thanks!

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  9. I love swordfish....I learned a deep drop trolling technique on the west coast a few years ago and have been doing this off the coast of N. Carlonia and S. Carolina...we have gotten 5 in the last three years...not my favorite type of fishing but it is exciting when they finally surface.
  10. Nice, I'd take the tuna though. Sashimi that bitch right on the boat haha

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  11. I have this one at my French Riviera real estate. To be honest it needs a lot of care and time. Each weekend I clean it and take care of my fish. But It's really relaxing.
  12. I would really like to get a pladarium not sure if I am saying that right. They are like little ecosystems with frogs, fish, little humans (jk), etc. As an earlier poster said though cleanup would be annoying after awhile especially working as an oiler. Work like 6 damn days a week.
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    geez, this thing needs so much time for cleaning it and so on, it is definitely not for the lazy ones. Most people say that aquariums are for those who do not want to bother much but still want any animals at home. Well, they do need less attention but still they need it. Washing the tank is not so easy, but at least you don't have to do it so often.. Moreover, if you see any bobbit worm inside the tank you should take care of it as it is an omnivore! I had such a problem and live rocks really helped. Plus, they are a great decoration!
  14. I used to have a fish tank before but then it wasn't interesting for me to keep it anymore. I gifted to my lil sis

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