Anyone have experience with straightedge friends and how to deal with them?

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  1. I was talking with one of my friends today and telling her how i never realized how freakin flammable acrylic nails were until i was lighting a bowl yesterday and fucking lit my nail on fire twice. We were both laughing, and i failed to realize that my other straightedge frined was listening in. I mean i guess i knw she was there but thought nothing of it. Well I then heard later on that her and my other "straightedge" frined now found out i smoke weed and am judging me like crazy. They are like "what happened to her, she never used to be this way? and weed is gonna ruin her", and i am like what the fuck?! whoops i guess letting her in on my life was a mistake. I just want to let it be, and have them accept me for who i am, but it is hard. Do any of you have expereince with friends like this?! Please give me some advice because i don't want to lose them over their ignorance. and yeaah they are both very against drugs
  2. Try to educate them a little and if they still can't accept you for being you then they shouldn't be around you
  3. Get them to watch 'The Union'
  4. Oh, hello ma'am. :)

    Hahaha, straight edge? My brother is straight-edge and he judges me like mad.

    To this, I say "Hey, I'm happy with myself, so fuck you if you actually think I care what you think about me". Holy crap, that was weird to type. Actually, since she's your friend... I wouldn't come across mean... I see they're concerned which is the merit of a friend, but if you know you can handle yourself (and the fact it's weed, the least harmful drug of all time), then you gotta say that you appreciate their concerns, but you know what you are doing.

    Now, if they honestly are true friends, they won't have a problem with this. Maybe concerns, but no problems. Do they know in this day and age how many people love weed? They'd love it to if they tried it (I think). Show them:

    Above The Influence of Ignorance | Medical Marijuana & Hemp Facts

    If you don't get them involved with it and don't do it around them (even though it isn't a big deal) then why would they judge you and stop being your friends? If anything, they'll be the ones losing you to ignorance, not the other way around. Their loss.

  5. Listen to them and hear their fears. Let them speak. If something they say angers you do not lash out but ask them why. Only through compassion and understanding can you build your friendship.
  6. i've been really lucky, all of my straight edge friends were either really chill about me smoking, or they eventually started smoking themselves. but i would just try to get them to smoke so they know it's not bad for you. if they're not down, then just forget about them.
  7. Tell them to stop being bitches and that weed is for winners.
  8. Most of my friends were cool about it except one. He'd always give me this patronising look whenever I talked about weed. Most of my friends eventually started smoking except this one guy. Then he tried I get a text message from nearly every day asking 'wanna go for a sesh?' He loves it now and said he's annoyed he didn't start earlier, but knows it's his own fault.
  9. LOL I have lots of friends like that. It would never be that serious though. My friends are the reason I started blazing so I didn't have any friends who were really against it. Some friends of mine who I grew up with I don't think would've liked it much but they flipped and went to private school, so I never seen them much.

    My one friend who was mad straightedge would just come up to me like YOUR FUCKING STONED!! HAHAHAHHAA!!! Years later he tried it and loved it, but sticks to drinking.

    Well the one friend who I never really saw him as ever being that seriou, but maybe he was a little serious. We would all meet up and he'd be with some other friends of ours who wouldn't care but wouldn't toke either. Well me and who I smoked with would come and meet up or whatever and when we get there my boy would be like "DUH!! YOU guys are all stoned!" and he would stay stuff like "YOU STINK LIKE SHIT!!! GET AWAY FROM ME!!" LOL, i guess he was always just joking, prob a little serious. Funny thing is he would smoke a couple times but he said he never liked it. Se even used to sell bud before I knew what it was but he never smoked it....pretty ridiculous..he never sold a lot though. Well years later and now he gets high all the time and is always like "damn remember I used to give you all shit for smoking and I never would..I wish I wouldve blazed back then." I'm just like YEA I KNOW!!

    Friends are people you get high with. All you need to do is get high with other friends infront of them. Just show them you can function fine and have a good time, eventually they will want to try it with you after they see your good with it. I've had like everyone in my suburb try weed just cuz they look at me like an idol. LOL just joking a little bit.
  10. Trust me, when I started fucking with heroin I learned that the best thing to do is just make new friends.
  11. There annoying.
  12. Generally,in my opinion,straightedge people have a ridiculous outlook on life.They think that if they are clean they are going to live a great life and anyone who uses anything are destined to fail and see themselves as being better.This is from my experience,I can't speak for all straightedge people.But I really hate the term "straightedge" it's just a label.Why does one need a label for not doing drugs,drinking or smoking cigs?

    Before I ever smoked or drank,ALL of my friends would call me straight edge and it would just annoy the piss out of me.I wasn't straight edge,I just didn't do anything and I had no problem, with people who did decide to drink,do any kind of drug or smoke cigs.But the one's who label themselves as straight edge are quick to jump onto and preach to someone for indulging in these activites.

  13. ...such is the way of the Buddha...

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  15. You can't really deal with ignorance.

  16. Unfortunately, this.
  17. just say "okay well i smoke, tell me why you think its bad and than i will tell you why i think its good. I won't interrupt as long as you don't. If you don't like it go find someone who is just like you" its simple to just say this cause then you tell em and they have no defense
  18. I agree entirely. They unfortunately are the type of people who openly label themselves as straightedge and show off how they don't need drugs and alcohol. haha, just their loss whatever. but i hate their constant hating on me for it. I really don't need them and thier engative outlook on our relationship right now, i am done with it.
    thanks for the help you guys!
  19. My best friend used to prance around saying he was the most straight edge you could possibly be because he didn't do drugs, didn't smoke, and is a vegan.

    Well, he now smokes more marijuana than anybody I know and has completely changed his view on it.

    Weird. I think I am to blame.
  20. Ha. i love this, because it so true. so many people won't even give you the time of day to explain all the good things about marijuana, they just take the preconcieved trash that their parents, schools and government have been feeding them, and just accpet it. God, doesn't anyone do research these days??! Also, I am happy for them if they find someone just like them, because they won't have any frineds left after awhile if they keep this up. haa. thanks.

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