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Anyone have experience with Northern Light strain

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by AloeRuss, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. I am somewhat curious as of what my Northern Light is going through while drying in a cardboard box.
    Allthough I harvested about a week prematurley, it all looked very good. Have several impressive top colas, but my question goes around smell.

    When I was ending flowering, I did not notice any famous MJ odor. There were some but not that much.
    Now, I have it all drying in the cardboard box (nice setup). It is still on day 5 so I still have about a week to go. However, I tried to see how it smelled last night and did not notice any much of an odor or a sense of that loveley MJ.

    I dont know if I should worry or not.
    What do you guys think? Will the smell come in later in the drying, curing stages or is something is wrong?
  2. There's ample threads about curing on here, read up on it man.

    The smell hay smell goes away and the smell you're looking for will come back after a few weeks of curing, if done correctly.
  3. heard this strain has low odor compared to others but it does pack a punch
  4. NL is known for being a low odor strain great for stealth growing. I have a cut of NL#5 hardly any smell but that was part of the reason I wanted it.
  5. Nl isn't gonna stank that much. If you want one with the insane mj smell. The diesel strains have it white widow has it some plants just don't smell that much and some plants will stank the whole neighborhood out in ten minutes. Skywalker has a nice aroma. A lot of skunk strains have it too. I'm growing a skunk one x nl plant now and no smell yet. But the skywalker crosses are crazy smelly. Still in veg
  6. Not exactly. I just wanted to understand why my NL day 7 drying doesnt smell all that much at all.
    I checked it last night. The stem still does not snap and just bend

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