Anyone have experience with HGH?

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  1. I'm thinking about picking up one of these:

    AI HGHpro

    Any advice on how to properly use it or how to train while using it? Any help would be appreciated :D
  2. I'd like to know as well, one of my friends had a lot of positive things to say about it but he hasn't started using it can't afford.
  3. My rule of thumb with these kinds of supplements is that if any one actually worked consistently, the market wouldn't be flooded with so many brands. It's a hit or miss depending on the person-- and generally a waste of money.

    With that said, if you're going to buy HGHpro you can get bottles for $30-40 from other websites. I wouldn't even bother unless you are already eating and training properly. A lot of the time people only see results because they adjust their regiments once they get their supplements, so there is really no way to gauge their effectiveness. The results could just be from hard work that you weren't putting in before.
  4. I get what you mean. Right now I have a pretty good gym schedule and I have only been intaking amino acids and a weight gainer along with 2,000+ calories per day(usually more if Im not so busy). When I first started working out, I weighed 115lbs and now Im at 145lb, so its an improvement...but I wanted to try out a HGH supplement to see how it would work out. I might just give it a shot.
  5. 145 lbs and you want a growth hormone. LOL.

    Eat bigger, work harder.
  6. HGH is basically borderline steroids, but legal to take. I believe it's banned in sporting events, however.
  7. That shit is garbage.
  8. And I mean that shit in your link, not HGH.

    And if you want mass just start running test cyp or something. Keep it simple.
  9. most of the juice out there is bogus, nothing beats consistency and hard work!
    Not to mention that once you go "off cycle" you lose much of what you gained.
  10. how tall/old are you? 115? you weighed as much as my girlfriend.. if i were you i'd hold up on major supplements until you hit some sort of extensive plateau.
  11. If you're trying to bulk up, which it seems you are trying to do with the weight gainer, HGH, etc you should up your calories to 2900 a day. 20 calories for every lb. you weigh. I just started day 3 of the DTP workout, you should try it out. - Kris Gethin's DTP: 4 Weeks To Maximum Muscle
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    Old thread, I know..but this discussion should be reopened as I think answer a lot of questions... and because GC deserves the traffic!
    HGH is very beneficial and the reality is - it doesn't really cause gut distension - the truth is , that is caused by INSULIN.
    HGH has tons of benefits but finding a Real HQ source is a pain; especially among UGL's.

    GH Gut doesn't even happen to everyone who uses it - it happens more in those using HGH + ® modified Progestins like DECA and SuperDrol.
    I think naps usually has good deals on it. There's also quite a bit of evidence suggesting INSULIN is the TRUE reason for the gut distension.

  13. no idea....... Sorry..................................

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