anyone have experience with grand theft?

Discussion in 'General' started by being_me_not_u, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. Here's the story. Two years ago me and two friends were bored as hell and stold a $3500 pair of observation binoculars from a wildlife refuge. It was a really stupid thing to do and we were planning on taking them back when there's a knock on the apt door. Two city cops, two federal investigators, and two wildlife and fisheries officers are there. They take statements for a report and let us know we will rcv a criminal summons. They let us know it could take anywhere from 2 days to 2 years. It took 2 yrs. and i have criminal court on May 18. So has anyone had experience with this kind of thing. What kind of punishment can I expect. I will not go to jail. If that is my sentence I will be in Canada that night.
  2. yeah i would say grand theft is definatly prob a felony and you will go to jail. thats crazy that they waited 2 years.
  3. Live by a simple rule.. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime..

    With that said....

    If it was first offence, and your record is clean, you shouldn't have to go to jail.. You may have probation and community servisce though!
  4. you said two federal agents showed up and you stole something off a wildlife refuge? that was probably federal land, thats why they are putting federal charges on you, that cant be good, hopefully they arent trying to make an example.
  5. Yeah, when the Feds put something on you, they put it there. They take things very seriously... But, for stealing a pair of nocs, you'll probably get CS and pay a fine, with maybe some very brief jail time, if any. Youll probably get multiple charges (trespassing on federal land, theft, and maybe more... you didn't lie to them at all did you?)
    What did you want them for anyways?? lol, what could you posibly use them for
  6. Im not sure about what will happen because it is on federal land but for the felony you will get a fine and very little jail time...prob like 6 hours. You will be on probation for a while and have a felony on your the states that means that no owning firearms and no voting until you petition to have your rights restored.

    just be truthfull and very could be as little as a years probation and if that goes well they will drop the charges. that is saying that they either have the binoculars or are paid for their value.

    dont sweat it too much dude we all make mistakes and sometimes we have to pay the price.

    good luck,

  7. i got the summons yesterday and i think we lucked out. they didnt charge us with grand theft as they could have. we are charged with destruction and removal of public property. on why we wanted them... dunno ... bored and stupid i guess. we mounted them and had them in our apartment with a sombrero on top. no we didnt lie to them at all.

    best advice is not to listen to anyone on this board regarding how much of a sentance you will get.
  9. how did they know you stole them anyway?
  10. landlady narc'd us
  11. are those the big binoculars that are like on top of the empire state building and such? how much do they weigh? i wonder how much they are.
  12. i know some friends who steal stuff every weekend. they do it as a part-time job, really. from washer machines to stereos, they have a bud that works at a pawn shop that they take all their stolen stuff too, or they find private buyers through friends of friends. But anyways, they stole about 6 grand from a country club vault one night, and just threw all their tools they used to break in with into the pond on the 18th hole, right next to the club house. They just werent thinking with all that addrenalin in their heads at the time.. if they ever drain the pond for any reason, they're going to get atleast someones prints on that stuff (they allready have HUGE records, too). Its been a few years now, but like you saw, that stuff can catch up with ya...

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