Anyone have experience selling Avon or Mary Kay?

Discussion in 'General' started by jesskay92, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. serious question. I'm hurting for come extra cash, and I'm getting to the point where I'm thinking about selling Avon or Mary Kay. And I was wondering if any ladies on here have experience selling it or if anyone else knows any who sells. I just wanna know if it seems like a good idea or no.
    If this is wrong section to put this here then my bad. I just want some feedback. :wave:
  2. What the hell is that?
  3. You gotta hustle. Go to women-only gyms, ask all your gfs, female family members, etc. Lucky for you Avon has cheap stuff which is what people want now :p

    I love Avon. Try it out, if it doesn't work out at least you tried it.
  4. i like avon too :D but i dont wanna come off as a pushy saleslady. thats probably my biggest concern. im also really shy so im hoping maybe itll help me get over that shyness >.<
  5. My girlfriend sells avon, lot of work but it pay's if you push it.

    Also a wonderful front for selling other wares.
  6. don't do it. if you don't sell everything, you're stuck with it until you sell it.
  7. Treechef: You hand out catalogues, get order's and put the order in. Products comes in a box, you take them to them, take their money, pay the bill. How are you stuck with it until you sell it?
  8. that was another thing i was worried about it...
  9. No no.

    My girlfriend sells avon and it's really simple.

    You hand out catalogues to people.
    They decide that they want stuff.
    They give you the catalogue back with their order.
    You put the order in.
    It comes in the mail/courier.
    You deliver it to your customer and collect your money.
    Then you pay the bill.

    It's simple, a lot of footwork but worth it if you push it around a lot! :)
  10. thank you so much! see i didnt even really know how it works but you just laid it out for me. i think i can do it if i try hard enough. i might give it a shot. :D
  11. Just give it a go, at least here we can just stop when we want to. No commitments.
  12. My mom did it for a bit, you get out what you put into it.
  13. i hate their products . lol

    i order an ornament from them it was for the privious year

    i know people do good. gadda make them think its amazing and you cant possibly live without skin so soft
  14. It's actually a pretty good business to make some extra cash.

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