Anyone have any xp with Strawberry Cough?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mordgrow, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. Dont see many grows goin on with it.. is it because its mostly sativa?

    has anyone done any indoor grows with it?
  2. whats strawberry caugh?
  3. im trying a clone of some S.C. right now but eeek. im not one to talk to...she's in shock i dont know why...all my clones from the dispenseries have not taken to the soil i have... so i dont know why i even replied sorry
  4. haha STONER!
  5. I'm growing some of that right now, not really having any trouble. Don't expect a lot when it comes to THC content though, it's medium level at best. SC is popular because of the "strawberry" part.
  6. yeah, i hear yeild is "medium" too

    Im just going to have one growing in the corner for fun :)
  7. my experience is limited to confirming their inability to handle nutrient rich soil from seed. i killed a few that way and am now rooting 4 clones as well as growing one from seed which is doing very well in an organic mix. i can also tell you the stretch is pretty bad as i threw one into flowering at about 7 inches tall and it nearly doubled in size in about a week. also the flowering one i just mentioned couldnt take foxfarm soil even after a month of growth in regular potting soil. i assume it was too much nutrient because the lower leaves immediately started to yellow and form dead spots.

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