Anyone have any UFO stories?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by OODA, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Watchin the new and saw supposedly shut down our nukes or something...trippy

    anyone ever seen a UFO? No Bullshit
  2. Yup, saw a whole alien civilization in the sky once. Wasn't exactly on this planet though... ;)
  3. I was walking with my friend to the grocery store one day and it was at night so it was dark. we looked up and saw this weird frisbee shaped thing just circling over this one community. it was doing really irregular patterns so it wasnt a plane or helicopter and this sickest part was that it was changing colors as it went. it was so trippy! we tried calling some people to come look at it but no one was around then it was just gone. true story i kid you not haha. best part was that we were completely sober. it was legit. best night ever
  4. yup hundreds lol

    saw a bunches of ufos not intreasting storys tho just sayin saw ufos!!!:hello:

    cant wait to spark up one night an aliens beam into my house an spark up with me with there crazy space weed would be epic:eek:
  5. theres some controversy going on over the nuclear missile sites, lots of sightings recently or something, its got even the high ranking officials worried.
  6. that shit is tripping me out.....
    watching the testimonies on youtube

    unless they are all professional liars or our planet is potentionaly at the mercy of a super advanced alien race that we cannot even use our best weapons against!
  7. time 2 get out the magnum
  8. Ive seen a few weird things but nothing I can say about actual ufos.
  9. Not exactly a UFO story, but alien related.

    Last night I heard some banging outside my room, which I always shrug off as just being my cats. Than I heard clawing at my door (Again normal, didn't think anything of it), than in the corner of my left eye I see something white. It looked to be 4 ft tall, and pale - an alien! My head shot left, my heart started pounding, than I notice its a lamp I just brought into my room a few days earlier. Being 3 am, I dozed off for a few minutes woke up, saw it again, and it scared me just as bad the second time! LOL

    Obviously I was high as hell, just found it funny because I don't get paranoid often while smoking, I was tripping after I saw it out of the corner of my eye. For some reason my brain just instantly thought it was an alien.
  10. ^ i cant imagine what the third time was like
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    ohyeah this one time they abducted me and sent me back with Space coke.

    Butyeah i have had multiple flashes in the sky to the west... i know the direction and all because its straight out of my bedroom window.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Cheech & Chong - Space Coke[/ame]

    Speaking of this UFO bullshit anyone think it has something to do with that one in july or whatever that Was supposedly just a missile test? lol
  12. It all began in a Saturday afternoon, this being summer time of 2004. It's about 7 PM, and I was taking a few hits off the bong while I was listening to Cypress Hill. I was in my backyard tokin' then I see a fat-large, disc. There was no noise what so ever, the Aliens took me to their ship and probed me.

    The End.
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  14. [​IMG]

    No photoshop bullshit man... it's the real thing.
  15. yeah they came down we did the whole ET thing smoked a bowl and then went to sleep. my mom got pissed off i had friends spend the night without telling her then she saw the aliens and had a heart attack and died. rip mom.
  16. i heard aliens are coming on october 13th or something..apparently they know how to "help" our race....:rolleyes:
  17. Yes, I was stoned so almost nobody believes me:(.
    I thought I saw a shooting star, until I saw that the star didn't stop moving. It was making circles and weird movement.I know what I saw
  18. Well I haven't been paid to make up shit for a stupid documentary or been living in any asylums recently so no, I don't have any UFO stories today folks
  19. My brother said he saw something the other night. He called me a couple of days ago to say he saw an object directly overhead that stayed in one spot and strobed a bright white light. It remained motionless for about a quarter of an hour and darted off towards the south. He is hesitant to call it a UFO but said he had no idea what it was.


    He's pretty much a straight edger. He doesn't smoke or drink so he can't blame it on hallucination. He looks a little goofy but he's a pretty intelligent guy.
  20. I believe in aliens... my grandfather lived in Germany (this is before WWII) and worked on a farm. One winter night when he was around 13 years old, he went out to the field because he saw some lights out there. When he got out there the lights were gone, but there was a perfect circle in the snow. He said he walked around the entire circle and found no footprints in the snow except his own. No one had been on the ground. Helicopters weren't even invented at this time. He was dumbfounded then, and I am today. Creepy stuff.

    Also when I was 8, I had a fever and saw UFOs outside my bedroom window. But those were prolly just fever visions.

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