Anyone have any good video tutorials on how to roll a joint?

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  1. Really wanting to learn the proper way to roll a joint. I've tried a couple times but have failed. Anyone know of any good videos or tutorials for showing someone how?
  2. dude just practice practice practice but youtube that jank
  3. One thing you can do to practice is just get a pack of top rolling paper (cheap, lots in a pack, and they're not to bad) and some tobacco (bac is way cheaper than weed) and just roll and roll and roll. If you don't smoke tobacco you can always give your rolled up cigs to some people on the streets. I find that making your own style of rolling is the best way instead of learning someone elses. You can always take a few different styles and hybrid them too. Just do what feels natural/good to you.
  4. Theres a hightimes video on youtube on how to roll ill give the link. Its how i learned but yeah definately add your own twists to it. I think its better to watch someone roll learn their way then start to add your own stuff to it. The more you roll the better you get. Once you've got a basic technique down try new stuff and mix it up.

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