Anyone have any good Jokes?

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  1. Ha me and some close people i know and some i live with started dissin with momma jokes again and it has really been funnie . If you Have any New momma jokes or Any jokes at all Please Post them. Everyone could always use a good laugh. Your momma's so dark she leaves finger prints on charcol!! :D
  2. a man comes home with a skunk under his arm and is wife asks " what is that" and he says" its our new pet i found him on the side of the road" she asks "where are we going to keep it!?" and he says "under the bed, duh" and she goes " WHAT ABOUT THE SMELL!?" and the husband says" im sure it will get use to it just like i did"
  3. Q: Why can't Helen Keller drive?

    A: because she's a woman. :D
  4. I saw your mom yesterday climbing a tree. I said to your mom Bitch what the fuck are you doing climbing that tree. She looked at me and yelled down, " Im trying to become a branch manager."
  5. why couldnt ray charles read? he was black
  6. Your momma teeth are soo big they look like baby shoes.
  7. ......ahahahhaa
  8. not a joke but my new favorite insult is "you should have been a blowjob"
  9. You: "Dude, you suck."
    Dude: "No way, I'm way better!"
    You"Dude, if I wanted a/my comeback, I'd get it off your mom's/girlfriend's face!"
    It may not make sense here, but verbally it kills everytime.
  10. I saw your main gal and a playa had to stop her.
    Her name wasn't Silk but her face was the shocker.

    -The Juice
  11. Mama jokes? I got some mama jokes.:D

    Your mama's so dumb when you told her it was chilly outside, the bitch ran out with a spoon.

    Your mama's so fat she's got her own zip code.

    Your mama's so nasty that her crabs have got crabs.

    Your mama's so ugly, even drunks won't fuck her!

    Your mama's so stupid she sat in her car for days waiting for the stop sign to turn green.

    Your mama's ass is so big, she accidently bumped JLo and sent the bitch flying.

    And here are some dumb-fuck Star Wars jokes.

    If you shave yourself with your light saber...
    You might be a Jedi redneck.

    If you've got a gun rack on your X-Wing...
    You might be a Jedi redneck.

    If your lightsaber starts whistling Dixie every time you turn it on...
    You might be a Jedi redneck.

    If the force field collapses and more than 500 Clone Stormtroopers die...
    You might be a Jedi redneck.

    If the bad guy goes out of his way to tell you "I'm yer PAPPY!!!"
    You might be Jedi redneck.

    If the hottest chick around turns out to be your sister, and you don't care...
    You might be a Jedi redneck.

    If you tell a Wookie he's got a purty mouth...
    You might be a dead Jedi redneck.
  12. wat did hellen keller name her dog...
    A: hufnmmmnmnmn

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