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anyone have a guaranteed way to pass a drug test?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by imadeupjesus, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. I wouldn't necessarily consider myself to be a "seasoned smoker" but you folks would know best. I've been smoking every day (3-4 times a day usually) for about a year. I've been able to avoid getting drug tested and I started my own business so I would never have to worry about that again but I'm broke as hell now!

    All the really well-paying jobs require a drug test pre-employment. I've only been smoking for about a year so I've never had to worry about passing the drug test before but I don't know what to do.

    There's about a million products out there that claim to show clean results but I really don't want to blow the money (or the job) on a product that doesn't work. Has anyone used something that worked? I weigh over 250 lbs and I'm a heavy user, so I'd need something guaranteed.

    I've been looking at synthetic urine kits because it is most likely not a supervised test but I'd rather just drink something that works so I don't have to deal with heating up the piss, etc.

    Please let me know ASAP! I'm gonna go roll a j. Peace!
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    If you're that worried you probably shouldn't be rolling that j and take it a little more serious. That's really the only guaranteed way to pass is to just not smoke for a few weeks before the test. I'd put my money in synthetic urine if you still refuse to give it up for a few weeks.

    There are ways to clense your system by pills that make you sweat the THC out of your body overnight or drinks that will clense your system when you work out but if you're going to continue smoking these won't work for you. You can't smoke while detoxing.

    You should probably do a search. There's a ton of information in this forum that will help you with detox for drug tests in other posts.
  3. The only guaranteed way to pass is to stop smoking until you are clean. Quit for a month and get some excercise. Any other method runs a varying degree of risk.

    so far i have used this method 3 times and each time it works like a charm and i walk away with a good job

    u have already mentioned it, but if you really want to keep smoking every day like you do, you will need to use synthetic urine!!

    the product I use everytime is called "Quick Fix." i know you can buy it in your local head shop for sure. if not there then they will know where u can get it.

    the kit is $40

    it comes with just enough fake urine, a 6 hour heating pad, and a rubberband to hold it all together

    im telling you, if u go to the drug test place like 5 mins early sit in your car and blast the heat. put the urine against it until the temp. guage fills up.

    put the heating pad on the bottle of urine and put the rubberband around it.

    wear a belt with you when you go because i always put the urine bottle along with heating pad in my waistband between my jeans and boxers

    this works perfectly and you will feel great afterwards :hello:

    hope this helped...

    peace and pleasure tokin'!:smoking:
  5. Guaranteed would be not to smoke, but :eek::eek:
  6. It might be a good time to take a tolerance break? It's free and it's guaranteed if you wait long enough. I'd stop smoking for month, you'll get so high when you smoke up again.
  7. Seriously, how dumb can you be to not see the "official how to pass a drug test" sticky.

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