Anyone have a GOOD experience on PCP?

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  1. Kind of curious. I've smoked it once unknowingly because my weed was laced and it was the worst experience of my life. Anyone ever have a good experience with it? Or if you've had a bad experience with it share that too.
  2. my friend bought a sack laced with PCP a while back.She said she smoked it and she was laying in her bed and could feel is spreading throughout her body, she then proceeded to masturbate using a highlighter. She showed me the blood on it a few days later hahha. cool girl. wish more could be like that :p:smoking::smoking:
  3. That sounds really gross, man.

  4. Haha if only you knew my friend..if only you knew

  5. i dont care if its paris hilton or the virgin mary using a bloody highlighter as a dildo is fucking gross both ways :mad:
  6. yeah...... so what she masturbated too hard and got blood all over the highlighter/?? and then this grimey bitch is so gross that she proceeded to NOT clean the highlighter (doubt she cleaned it before hand) for who knows how long and then show its nasty (probably) STD infected blood all over the highlighter

    that doesnt sound like a good time lol
  7. i'm sorry but that's like a dude saving his semen in a milk jug or something and showing it to people when they come over. i wish less people were like that.
  8. Ive had good and bad expeiriences on PCP laced weed, the first time I tried it, I was already completely drunk so it made me trip out, and fucked me up, was amazing but I
    was sick everywhere 10 Minutes after smoking LOL

    The second time I was sober, took a couple of bong hits and a Joint
    and it felt amazing, my whole body weight spread out on the floor, and
    I couldnt feel anything, seriously amazing.

    PCP can be good if it used in moderation :)
  9. the coolest ever:rolleyes:
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    it was pretty good, smoked a joint and some nugs of weed dipped in PCP with some friends it was a bomb ass night. i have nothin but good things to say about it. i would imagine if you did a lot it would be unpleasant.

    and on another note, we bought it specifically as weed laced with PCP and it cost extra for that, we didnt just buy a bag and it happened to be laced...and that almost never happens.
  11. I just copped a gallon of PCP last week. That shit is BOMB
  12. I've never experienced it either way.

    It seems like, from talking to poeple that I know that have done it before, If you want to do it, it's good, but if you don't know that it was in your weed or something, it turns out bad.

  13. Yeah, thanks a lot for that. I don't think i'll ever browse this site while eating ever again. For fuck sake.
  14. You do this too?
  15. Yea, I think its definitely one of those drugs where if you KNOW what you're getting into it will probably be a good experience because it's such a crazy drug. But for that same reason, when you don't know what the fuck you just smoked and don't know why you're trippin out like a mother fucker, it sucks bahahaha.
  16. "no pills no powder"
  17. what isnt fun about STD infested bloody highlighters used to fuck a girl while shes tweaking hard on PCP??

  18. i would NEVER fuck a girl on PCP.. shit if i did something wrong shed prob get pissed and rip my dick off or some crazy superslut shit
  19. this forum is why i made my name so
  20. [ame=]YouTube - Gallon of Pcp[/ame]

    It wouldn't be a recreational drug if people didn't enjoy it somewhat.

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