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Anyone have a Glass Blunt?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by zach42, May 3, 2011.

  1. Ive been toking out of the same pipe now for 3 years. It was actually a Christmas present from my soon to be ex wife. She also bought me an awesome bubbler for my birthday once. I really want to just get rid of everything that reminds me of the BS. (might break em, might sell em, who knows at this moment)

    BUT no matter what I decide im doing on that front I want to buy myself a new favorite piece. Glass blunts seem really cool imo. Kind of like a chillum (love those when alone but she took our shared one lol) BUT if you are smoking with other ppls you can pull that slide back and pack a fatty.

    Anyone have much experience with them? I like the look of some, the functional concept of them, and the fact that I know no one that even knows what it is lol. One downside i could see is every single one ive found online seems to have rubber parts. Makes sense that they have them, but im wondering if the glass might transfer a bit to much heat to it when filled all the way and puffed on for a long time. I could also see that rubber part aging quite quickly. It ever so slightly reminds me of a crack stem also and dont really want anyone flipping out "wtf you breaking out that nasty shyt for?!?!"

    It would become my daily toking tool for a little while at least. I plan on investing in a bong at some point too but when you dont have much income thinking outside the normal stuff seems like a cool idea to me. So, anyone with much experience with one, lmk your opinion.... Have pics of yours too? Id love to see it.
  2. Ive heard of them, would like to try one, but never seen one.
    Sorry bout the marriage man :(
  3. Glass blunts are awesome, my friend had one and we used it often. Took a good gram or two, but the thing was awesome, since I hate smoking cigar paper and bluntwraps.

    [ame=]YouTube - Snak The Ripper - That's Fine[/ame]

    I just got out of a two and a half year relationship with my first girlfriend ever (chillax, I'm almost 22) and it sucks man. But this song got me through tough times, like now. Still in the depressed mode, can't eat, lost 35 pounds in like a month and a half. But shit's getting better, slowly and surely.
  4. i did not like the glass blunt, its kind of the same deal as packing a really deep bowl.
    a ton of resin build up, and sometimes it doesn't stay lit.
    get a cheap bub man, you can find some really good ones for a decent price, at a good headshop, or some websites online
  5. I have a huge pack on my chillum. If I pack it tight enough I can smoke that bitch for atleast 3 minutes straight. Taking a hit in, holding it, and blowing it back out, and it still stays lit. The end does get kinda raw though, but after you are definitely medicated as shit
  6. id say go with something involving water and me youll be happy you did.
  7. I had a glass blunt as my very first piece. I loved it. It was clear glass, and had rubber parts. It was old when I got it but it still functioned fine.

    I would say if you buy a glass blunt by a higher end one. They can break easily and the rubber parts can fail if its super cheap.

    They are great for concealment. You can pack them up to whatever amount and get a constant cherry. I used to go in the shower and smoke with mine.
  8. My friend got one a month ago. Now he's trying to get rid of it.

    We both agree they are shit and not worth it.
  9. Good song. Ive been listening to [ame=]YouTube - Black Kold Madina - "Amazing"[/ame]

    No depression here. Rage, maybe. Never goin after a younger chick again lol. Treated me like I was her father. Guess I know what to expect from a teen girl when I have kids tho lmao. Only thing that makes me wanna bash my head against the wall is that I made my world revolve around her and lost everything and didnt get the same in return... Oh and that Im apparently dumb enough to try to work things out with a cheater.

    Back to the piece thinking tho. I def want to get a nice bong with percs and stuff Swichone but I kind of want to wait until im able to go all out on it. Theres so much crazy awesome things out there.

    As for getting another bubbler. I kind of want something that wont bum me out to much if a friend drops it. And I could go with the typical spoon or chillum, but I love trying out new things and thats why I was thinking about the glass blunt. It'd be a good convo piece i believe too b/c I dont think anyone I know has ever owned one themselves.

    Mmm, woudnt mind an inline perc bub to tho lol... Havent really even checked them out. Gonna do that now, feel like they might be a bit more than I want to spend at this current time tho.

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