Anyone have a few minutes for a fellow blade?

Discussion in 'General' started by MR_, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Can anyone help me out and take this quick survey for a Marketing class on cell phone service providers?

    Cell Phone Survey

    Shouldn't take more than 5 mins, and I'd like to say I'd take a hit for each one, but I'd like to stay awake today, haha.

    100% anonymous and I just need to collect data to analyze it later.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Done, glad I could help.
  3. Surveys are much harder when I'm high :smoke: Took it though
  4. thanks guys, somehow trying to compare perception vs ideal, kind of depends on the results though.
  5. done.

    As a former marketing student I understand how hard it can be to get some data especially if it's a long poll and people quit halfway through.

    What software are you going to be using to analyze it? SPSS? I can't remember what else there is.
  6. Surveymonkey does a pretty good job of giving percentages, bar graphs, etc to make it easy to compare different responses without getting too deep into the math right away.

    I do have to export it into something to analyze, not sure what I'll be using. Either Minitab or Excel I'm familiar with, depends on how much data I end up with.

    I agree with people giving up, I would be one of those people if it was too long, so kept it as short as possible and kept it simple. Some poeple make them so confusing/long its ridiculous. Plus I knew I'd put it here, don't want to ruin anyones high now.
  7. done my friend. Oh and also, im british but my mobile is on t-mobile so i had to put N/A on all the questions about the american service providers, hope that doesnt fuck things up for you :)
  8. Got er done. Glad to help out a fellow blade
  9. I hope it's not too late, I just did it.
  10. I just did it... Rogers FTW :)
  11. Never even heard of Rogers, must be a Canadian only company. Definitely not too late, have another week before I'll close it.

    Thanks for the help guys. mucho appreciated.

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