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Anyone have a distinctive "high laugh"?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SnowblindLeaf, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. I do. That is my biggest give away while I'm high. My laugh will start normal, but then I will just be unable to stop. My laugh will get really high pitched. And I can't even do it when I am not high.

    Anyone else have this?
  2. When i get super faded my laugh suddenly gets deep and goofy which usually sets the rest of the group off until we can't breathe anymore haha

  3. This. When I'm sober I usually have a higher pitched, more upbeat laugh. When I'm high it's low and slow. haha
  4. Yeah, especially when I first started smoking and had no tolerance, I would just laugh at everything and my laugher sounded different.

    And the first time I smoked good hash I literally laughed for so long I ended up not being able to breath for ages and then started to panic because I couldn't stop laughing and wasn't able to breath while laughing.

    Well that was a few years ago.. good memories.
  5. Yeah my friends call my laugh a monkey laugh. Its really high pitched, and actually does sound like a monkey, no lie. Its also funny that my friend has a cackle as his high laugh. We literally geek for hours over our laugh.
  6. I have a very stereotypical stoned laugh, even when Im not high lol
  7. It's high pitched and in short burst which is funny because I have a deep voice and my sober laughs are deep as hell.
  8. I've been told I do, never noticed it myself
  9. My boyfriend does. He sounds exactly like Ralph from Reefer Madness (the guy who laughs at the beginning of both the original and the musical.) It's hysterical.

  10. My friend does the EXACT same thing. It's hilarious and always gets me laughing too.
  11. My dealer who I sometimes smoke with just gets absolutely faded all day every day and when he thinks something is funny he just goes "aha" like a stereotypical stoner lol
  12. ive been told my high laugh sounds like Chris Pontious's from wild boyz and jackass
  13. same.

    it sounds a lot like this.
  14. i say i dont but my girlfriend swears i do lol
  15. hahaha good times around when I first started with friends. Everyone would just start laughing and no one could stop, hurt so much after a while!!!! lol
  16. Haha, mines similar, mines a little more like spongebobs but not as high pitched and retarded and annoying.
  17. I got several type of laughs, my favorite one is the white noise laugh when I don't make any noise but inside I'm fucking dying.
  18. not trying to bash gays.

    My friends brother tags along once in a while when we smoke weed, (he's a snitch so we don't take him as much as we could) but anyways he turns absolute gay then say he's just kidding like reach for your dick then be like " nah im just play hehehehehe".

    We can always tell when he's about to turn gay by the way he talks. When he gets super high his ENTIRE voice just changes and he starts acting that way soon after. LOL its so funny because he has a pretty high voice and when he smokes a lot it gets soooo LOW. xD
  19. Mine gets extremely high pitched and much faster, lol

  20. I'm the exact same :smoke:

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