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Anyone had any reality glitches?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by iShadonai, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. So, I saw this thread awhile back about reality glitches. You know...stuff that happens in your regular everyday life, and you just can't explain it. I was wanting to get some of your accounts of things that have happened to you that you couldn't figure out how they happened. I'll start us off.

    On my way back in the house from going out to get some food, I came back to the door locked from my parents going out. So, I get the key, and go to put it in the keyhole, and drop the entire lanyard. In the process, the key that I had in my hand manages to phase completely through the keyring it was on and separate itself from the rest of the lanyard. It was crazy.

    Futhermore, all the time I'll leave something in one spot, and no one ever bothers my stuff, and I'll come back to it moved to a different location. This used to happen to me constantly, and still happens quite often now.
  2. I like to think it's cause I black out for a second. When I was smoking everyday I found I was getting deja vu a lot.
  3. I have ADHD and I get this stuff happening all the time when I'm sober. It's a bit as if I were stoned all the time, without the mental high. ADHD is a disorder of the executive function (attention, working memory) and weed messes up the same executive function, so that's probably the cause for what happens to you (i.e. you just don't pay enough attention to your surroundings, due to being high). I wouldn't call them reality glitches though....
  4. Maybe you just have a bad memory? I do that shit all the time.
  5. So no one believes that things can sometimes happen that aren't meant to? Like the fabric of reality breaks for just a split second and something strange occurs that shouldn't be able to according to the laws of physics?

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