Anyone Grown Blue Hash Or Jillybean Outside

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by RobertBaratheon, May 30, 2013.

  1. I have the option to buy some clones. both of them look like they will finish in Late sept early oct.

  2. Okay, and your question is?
  3. Have you grown them and if so what was your experience? yield? mold resistant? where did you grow them? would you grow them again? you know the general feedback you would give if you had grown them outside.
  4. Never heard of either of them. Try here there isnt much of a strain guide on website, although one has recently been started. Also, check breeders site for more info on strain. It might not even grow good in your climate.
  5. Np, side note: why not GoT last weekend? cuz of holiday?
  6. Yes, they always pre empt on holiday weekends. Drives me nuts. First guy to notice my handle, you must have read the books.
  7. from those links looks like both of them will work outside. Im going to pick them up tomorrow. I'll let you know how they do.
  8. Nah im not much for reading books. Just recognized the Baratheon name =D
  9. Btw if your growing outside, feel free to start a grow log to show progress for us and for yourself! Its also a good spot to ask for help, questions, or anything specifically about your grow!
  10. I will. even though I'm legal I'm old school paranoid from my indoor days. It will take a little courage, might take me a while to work up to it :smoking:
     I already have White Siberian, Critical 47  Mangolian Indica and Chocolope in 4 gal pots outside. Put them out May 15th. going to add these other two and call it good.
  11. sounds good man! keep us updated either way! Grow log or not, we all like eye candy :D
  12. I have a friend who has grown Jillybean in natural light in a sunroom at high elevation for years. It always turned out excellent.... although he switched up varieties this year...
  13. Your Stoner Club Membership has been put under review, untill you can prove you actually toke. ;)
  14. awww shit.... actually i dont smoke much ;) plus over here on the east coast, we arent designer name brand type of folks. :p
  15. I know, something about posting pics online goes against my "discretion is the better part of valor" credo. Anyone ever been popped by doing this?
  16. just picked up the Jillybean clone they were out of the blue hash so I picked up one called Mkage. Reading up on this sounds like its one baddass strain. pics soon. Paid extra for a large clone of the Jilly. Should keep these from being too far behind the others.

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