Anyone grown anything from World of Seeds? Opinions?

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    Planning to purchase through the attitude:

    World of Seeds Landraces Afghan Kush Feminized \t\t\t\t\t\t

    Anyone had any experience with World of Seeds, opinions? Thanks:smoke:
  2. I got Strawberry Blue for World of seeds and they were fucking good.

    There were some phenos in there that were perfect for SOG grows.

    I did take some clones and they flowered fast and were frosty buds.

    If i had the time and space Id grow that strain full on.
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  3. i got a world of seeds afghan kush special feminised goin right be honest the seed was small and premature....took kindof long to germinate (didnt pop the firt 3 days then i put it in the freezer for an hour and tried again, it popped the next day, both times using paper towel ziplock method).....i have grown many times b4 and this seed ive had to baby it to get it going......its growing slow in my opinion.....its been growing for almost 2 weeks and it is just starting the 2nd set of room is 74 degrees and i use dwc......this is the only plant ive had this happen with...everything else is has finally started pokin little roots off the main root......i got a reserva privada pure pakistani seed that was probably 3 times the size of the world of seeds as for my opinion on world of seeds im not to happy but we will see when she starts budding if i change my mind:smoke:

  4. yes have some in my pipe now:smoke:

    just finished a 7 oz grow of that wos afghan kush..
    no landrace...i don't think so!
    it could be better, imho... it's great weed, pretty plant, but the smoke is not to die for..
    they over estimate thc level aswell's more like 15-17% not no 21.6%-22%
    it preflower's on ya after it reaches a certain age or becomes mature...
    it will also preflower from stress or cloning to much..
    just start's throwin hair'
    clones take very easy with her though...
    they root fast and in the flower room this strain reaches hieght fast..
    it has decent to good yield's, rotton fruit smell and classic sweet kush taste.
    the buzz goes straight to the back of your eyes on the first exhale..
    very stoney kinda sleepy couch lock pot..
    it finishes in about the 7-8 week mark after flowering is enduced..
    for 15-19$ a seed though...i'd get something way better..
    this strain is impressive in some aspect's but from my peep's taste testing my stock...LA Woman from DNA beat it hand's down...i didn't even reveal strain to them during these
    so ya i'd get something else for my money...

    if you want fem's go
    reserva pravada
    Female seeds
    next generation
    serious seed's
    sensi seed's

    these are just the best imho right now offered from most seed bank's for there fem genetic's..

    regular seed's(non fem)
    next generation
    serious seed's
    sensi seed
    high grade

    these are some of the top breeder's out there ..
  5. I grew chronic haze that I'm completely satisfied with(easy to grow,very forgiving,top quality buds...)and friend of mine grew skunk 47(very skunky taste,superb high,bushy,medium size(1m)plants)both finished spot on as in the catalog,buds looking the same as ones on their pictures...I recomend the world of seed bank,from my experience and from what I googled they got pretty easy to grow plants with good yields...And I really like the combos they use :)
  6. hi vat! you grew one strain and call me liar check this site there are a few experience growers talking about world of shit maybe you find it usefull for next harvest of good quality hemp ,world of seeds basura - cannabiscafe. top quality ha ha!
    this guy work for wos dont believe him.
  7. Hello Dezman,

    Check out my gallery, the pic called Octopus is Strawberry Blue from World Of Seeds. I dont know why your so bent on giving them a bad rap. Anyway a picture is worth a 1000 words or whatever the saying is.
  8. hey fella's...let's just all get along! lol
    but hey, the tread starter is asking about WOS afgan kush landrace
    plain and simple...
    if you grew it, leave your experience, other strain's are not going to determain afghan kush outcome at all..
    just sayin ya?
    cheer's guy's..
    i agree wos is not the best for sure ...but not the worst either..
    kinda like nirvana or a few other companies..just decent not super fantastic..
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    Couldn't have asked for a better response! The seeds I'm looking at our like $11 / seed tho btw, not 15-19. I will definitely look at the banks you suggested, thanks! Any insight on Dutch Passion?

    Such as..
  10. Dont mean to be rude but this is the thread title:

    Anyone grown anything from World of Seeds? Opinions?

  11. dont mean to be rude but are you retarded?

    "Planning to purchase through the attitude:

    World of Seeds Landraces Afghan Kush Feminized"

    try qoting the entire first half there buddy, and by highjacking someones thread...well you are being rude..:wave:

  12. ya that was my experience with wos afghan kush, they must have dramaticly dropped that price, i paid over 17$ from attitude for the same strain 5-6 month's ago...per seed. so they lowered the price cause it sux for 17$ a
    must have had a lot of complaint's..
    dont buy that strain lol

    dutch passion is better than nirvana imho..but not the bees knees either..
    there blueberry is picky and got an attitude..
    sativa based and takes forever to flower with only decent yield..not worth my time in this
    not to mention DJ Short has the real blueberry not no dutch passion..
    so i'd say's good herb, but when you spend a ton of money on your grow, you want good yield's..
    they to me are another company with way overpriced genetic's..
    female seeds has really great prices...apx around 30$ a pack of fem's..
    they test every batch before release and use great genetic's in there breeding ..
    true c-99 crosses in there(hard to find!)
  13. I planted three Northern Light x Big Bud, three Yumbolt 47, and three Afgan Kush x White Widow from World of Seeds. All feminized seeds. I don't do any thing special to germinate. I soaked the seeds until they sank in the water glass, and then sowed them directly into start pots of Light Warrior. The Yumbolt and the Kush x WW seeds sprouted overnight. The NL X BB took a couple days longer, and only one of the three has sprouted so far.

    I have never grown seeds from WOS before, so that is all I can tell you. They were planted on the 14th, so they are still just babies.

    I'm looking at the bags of the seeds I didn't plant yet, and they look well developed and mature to me. I do agree, however, that all the seeds I've gotten from Reserva Privada have been freakishly huge.

    I've been saving all my freebies for a while, so I planted all of them too.
  14. Anyone grown anything from World of Seeds? Opinions?
    \t\t\t \t\t\tPlanning to purchase through the attitude:

    World of Seeds Landraces Afghan Kush Feminized \t\t\t\t\t\t

    Anyone had any experience with World of Seeds, opinions? Thanks:smoke:

  15. are you still talking?
    i type fast cause i'm educated bub..
    and who are you the bionic baddass??? lol
    if you knew me you wouldn't have made it past that first smart @ss comment:devious: you would be picking up your teeth homie..
    ohhh ahhhh the scary thread moster! lol
    sound's like you just like to hear yourself thats about it..
    and dog's that bark usually got no bite..
    that makes a few folk's in this tread you have managed to argue with..:smoke::p
    this shit crack's me
  16. Thanks for the help to both of you. No more bickering on this thread tho, chill:smoke:

    They still have the more expensive Afghan Kush I believe, as part of their "medical collection" then they have the cheaper landrace one I was looking at. Anyways thanks a lot! I might PM you if I have more questions!
  17. I got 2 feminized afghan kush seeds from world of seeds and started one of them. It germinated in 2 days. The branches didn't stretch out from the main stock very far. One week into flowering it turned out to be a hermi. Second seed has been going for a week now, hope this one isn't a hermi
  18. i suprised you could spell contradictions, lol
    but obviously don't know the meaning of the
  19. Yeah,I grew one strain myself(chronic haze)for 3 seasons now(first year,my rookie year,only one plant made it,second time all3,and last year grew only one.Every time plants looked the same,buds were the same,with same high and taste...That tells you something?)Friend of mine grew skunk47,I was involved during the entire grow so I know a bit about that too...And smoked delirium(gonna grow it this year)from a guy who done it indoors with afghan kush...Bad genetics I dont think so!Atleast I didnt see it.And I wrote liar or bad grower so...You got 12plants that hermied on you,think about that dumbass...

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