Anyone growing MNS Black Widow in DWC

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  1. I just wanted to get some info on how Mr. Nice's Blackwidow takes to this method. Please share your grow with pic's , nutes, LST or lighting you are useing. I welcome any blade who's grown this strain or is currently growing it to share their opinnion on what this strain likes in DWC. Smoke repots are also welcome. And please this is for learning not hateing. Thankyou :smoke:
  2. Thankyou Tihspeed for the link, and yes Black Widow is thee White Widow created by Shantibaba that won the Cannabis Cup in 1995. Yes I will be doing a cabinet DWC SCROG as soon as I have finished all my research on the subject. I like to have a strong understanding before I jump in the water. I would like to start with a Mr.Nice BW and a GHS WW and do a doucumented comparison grow here and smoke report of the two when I'm done. Thankyou for the support.
  3. Bump I'm in the same boat. Currently growing Seedsman white widow in rdwc scrog and would like to try black widow and medicine man. Bump. Anyone else grown MNS BW this way?
  4. I run the BW n RDWC,,1600wt and floranova nukes,,6 sites,,10 gal buckets. The Black Widow from Mr. Nice has been so far the best i've grown so far. Has it al IMO very easy to grow,,immense tric coverage,,has been the fastest and easy to clone( i only bubble water to clone ). If u can snag em do it. I managed to only get 4,,2 males and after 1.5 years still tokin the 2 fem's. This 1 got away from me a little bit 5.5 ft topped 6 o's al said and done. Good luck. ore pic's n gallery.

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